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Jon Erik Kingstad

Afton, MN
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Posted on 01/21/14 at 05:10 pm in response to Trendy Minneapolitans conflicted over cars

is no laughing matter for the individuals whose mugshots get posted. Anyone who has ever tried to perform a background check on someone knows that you can't even get a telephone number or address these days without paying for it. Criminal and arrest background checks cost even more.

Mugshots are different. With these, it's the subject who must pay, even if they're cleared of any wrongdoing. The "entrepreneurs" which run these mugshot operations do not care about public information....

Posted on 01/20/14 at 08:56 pm in response to Target offers an exciting opportunity to test and learn

but guests are suffered only as long as they follow the host's rules and do as they're told.

Posted on 01/18/14 at 11:42 am in response to Members of Congress still want their shot at surveillance reform

is having elected officials like Michele Bachmann and James Inhofe to name but a few who not only don't "get it" when it comes to serious public issues but really don't want to "get it" because it feeds the vanity of their equally uninformed supporters. Accusing the President of proposing something like limitations on the FISA court which itself has ruled that the secret branches of government are out of control in surveilling us only reveals how unintelligent and misinformed she is. Again,...

Posted on 01/14/14 at 05:07 pm in response to U.N. doesn’t work, and a U of M professor has a plan to fix it

Excellent point by Mr. Schoch. I would maintain that the concept of "sovereignty" in today's world dominated by multinational corporations is all but completely obsolete. Mr. Schoch's comment about Citizen's United is right on target in that regard. Unfortunately, the same stranglehold which multinational corporations have on our "sovereign governments" through the dubious extension of constitutional protections to them also stands as an obstacle to the sort of reforms to the UN suggested by...

Posted on 01/10/14 at 04:32 pm in response to Maybe the War on Poverty was the wrong metaphor

I agree with Judge Burke that the "War on Poverty" may have been an apt metaphor at the time but it may have outlived its usefulness. But the "War on Poverty" was not the only one. President Johnson also initiated his "Great Society" programs later in 1964 which also included programs that sought to lift people out of poverty.

One of these was the Legal Services Corporation which in the 1970's became very effective in challenging laws, rules and policies which discriminated against...

I like Eric's article for linking Edward Snowden and the NSA with Walter Mondale, J. Edgar Hoover and the 1971 FBI office break-in in a very short and informative way. It would otherwise take a book to show how what started out with a "General Intelligence Division" under J. Edgar Hoover in 1919 evolved into the National Security Agency of today.

Is there anyone who does not agree that in the last 50 years, the USA has become the most powerful and prosperous country in the history of the world? I'd like to hear from anyone who thinks otherwise and why.

If that's the case, how can anyone say the policies of the last 50 years have been a failure? I think some policies have certainly failed but it depends by what you define as success. For the past fifty years, the Right has defined success as returning to "laissez faire...

Posted on 01/07/14 at 09:02 pm in response to Marco Rubio's (coming) vision of a Republican program to reduce poverty

I'd like to hear what Great Society programs institutionalized a heightened level of redistributionism." I can't say I disagree but I'd like to understand what you base this view on. And I'm not sure what "ongoing redistribution" you're referring to unless you mean from the bottom to the 1%. What I mean is that I don't think any Great Society "redistributed" much of anything to anybody and anything that occurred afterward only crippled whatever Great Society programs were ever implemented...

Posted on 01/08/14 at 12:44 pm in response to Marco Rubio's (coming) vision of a Republican program to reduce poverty

I think I can agree with your qualification of what was"redistributionist" about Great Society Programs which left the basic rent-extracting structure untouched. The word "redistributionist" is not easily defined and can easily obstruct dialogue and thought unless it is better defined. You're quite right that root causes of the conditions sought to be addressed by the Great Society were unimpeded and have advanced unabated since.

Thank you for the thoughtful response. It's too bad...

Posted on 01/06/14 at 04:25 pm in response to Majority of Republicans now reject theory of evolution

As a number of above comments have shown, there is nothing which prevents one from accepting evolution as a scientific fact while maintaining a belief in God and the basic truths of the Bible. The problem only comes up by the Right which is perpetually looking for witches and books to burn and young minds to close by banning the teaching of evolution in schools or misrepresenting "intelligent design" or some other pseudoscience as real science.

I'll personally reserve judgment on...