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Jon Erik Kingstad

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I cited a couple above which you chose to ignore: international conventions on banning chemicals that would deplete the ozone layer and acid rain. There are others of course, many having to do with limiting use of certain weapons in wars, which are remembered today primarily for their violation, like the use of chemical and biological weapons.

The issue of climate change, which I gather you do not deny, could have been addressed in 1998 by the Kyoto Convention but the USA refused to...

Posted on 05/20/14 at 12:47 pm in response to Confused by net neutrality? What you need to know

Let's not forget who paid to have the "Internet" created: it was the US taxpayer through the ARPANET and other defense related projects which created the technology and ideas for the internet. Left to the "marketplace", we'd still be using computers as wordprocessers and maybe with private isolated corporate and government networks. The "Internet" is the superhighway created under government leadership and funding, including the FCC which allowed the development of computer technology to...

Posted on 05/19/14 at 01:19 pm in response to Steinhafel's 'causeless' Target exit earns $16 million payday

Obviously another sweetener for Mr. Steinhafel so he can qualify for unemployment benefits.

The Koch Brothers merit attention as the poster boys for anti-campaign finance reform. Their organization brought the lawsuit that has now resulted in Minnesota's campaign law being enjoined by a federal judge. Citizen's United was represented by a free Koch Industries's lawyer former Solicitor General Ted Olson.

Maybe the reason the right is only identified in articles about anti-campaign finance reform is because only the right is opposed to campaign finance reform. It seems to me...

Posted on 05/17/14 at 03:56 pm in response to Jacqueline would have cast a gimlet eye on Monica — and all the others

I'm quite sure Jackie would have deplored Monica's exploitation of her 15 minutes of fame. I haven't read about elsewhere but she must have made some comment sometime during her life about JFK's numerous affairs. And probably the women who have written about them. Didn't Judith Exner write a memoir?

Anyway, Monica Lewinsky is just another one of those who have probably made the least out of her brush with the great and powerful. In fact, from what I've read she's not done well at all...

Posted on 05/16/14 at 08:07 pm in response to Tracking Supreme Court justices' rulings: principles of law or politics?

Monsanto has only been involved in a couple of cases since Thomas has been a Justice and in the decisions which were decided, his vote has not been what you might call "decisive" since they were not 5-4 decisions. But the point by Mr., Hoffman is still valid in light of Eric's post.

Thomas was the author of an opinion in 2001 which he clearly would have known what was at stake for Monsanto his former employer. The case did not involve Monsanto as a party but concerned another plant...

Posted on 05/06/14 at 05:37 pm in response to Corporations are people? DFL can't even muster votes to protest

has a catch: it's a resolution calling for constitutional convention. Under the US Constitution, a constitutional convention would not be and could not be limited to a single issue. It would be wide open affair and likely as easily manipulated and bought off by corporate interests as the Supreme Court.

I support a constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court's decisions overruling decades and centuries of jurisprudence that corporations are juristic persons subject to...

Ray. I might add that many legal experts have pointed out that the FCC has ample legal authority to declare the Internet a public utility - really a common carrier- and regulate it accordingly to assure equal access. Why Wheeler and the rest of the FCC are so reluctant to take the obvious step open to them after the previous court ruling is really a mystery.

Posted on 04/18/14 at 07:47 pm in response to With creative ambiguity, Condoleezza Rice defends torture tactics

Is Dr. Condoleeza Rice a war criminal? Is Dick Cheney? Is George W. Bush? To paraphrase Robert McNamara, if our side hadn't won the war, they would have been tried and hanged as such just as Saddam Hussein ultimately was.

To me, Rice, Bush, Cheney, Woo and the rest exemplify what Hannah Arendt called the "banality of evil". The embodiment of this banality of evil for Arendt was Adolph Eichman. Rice, Bush, Cheney, Woo and the rest of the neocon true believers are no different than...

Posted on 04/17/14 at 09:07 pm in response to Lane Kenworthy on why we’re headed toward social democracy

Mr. Kenworthy must be a very optimistic person. Reading the interview at the link, he seems to dismiss every liberal or progressive initiative as being achievable yet he firmly believes that somehow we're going to arrive a some future state of social democracy beyond the pathetic ghost of one that exists here now.

Maybe he explains in his book how he thinks this social democracy is going to happen. But I can pretty much guaranty that it's not going to happen with our current...