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JD Klawitter

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Posted on 01/15/13 at 06:39 pm in response to Wolves in swoon: inept and exhausted

Britt, what is your take on the seeming slowness of the FO to bring in some decent free agents to fill in for Love, Budinger, Lee and Roy? Lazar is okay as the cheapest of band-aids, and it looks like they had to wait for ten-day contracts to become an option and also for Gelabale to become available. But they are exhausting the few healthy and competent players on the squad when they can sign a Birdman or a D-League star, etc.

To save money? To see what they have before making...

Posted on 01/16/13 at 06:46 pm in response to Wolves in swoon: inept and exhausted

Along those lines, it's not clear that Kahn petitioned the NBA by yesterday's deadline for an injured player exception for Lee - I don't see any downside to doing so and it seems foolish not to have another roster spot open just in case. Foolish, or penny-pinching, that is.

Posted on 12/21/12 at 04:27 pm in response to Wolves ‘coming-out party’: Team finally syncs up offense to beat OKC

If, as many feel, the Wolves deal a PG once Rubio is more fully up to speed, perhaps packaged with Dwill, for a 3 or a big, who do you feel is more expendable, everything else being equal? It's nice having such a deep backcourt, especially for this injury prone squad, but AK47 has no real backup currently and Steamer/Amundson would be nice to upgrade.

Your returning to the Wolves' beat was like an early Christmas gift to MN sports fans. Enjoy the hiatus!