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Julie Kramer

White Bear Lake, MN
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Posted on 05/16/11 at 10:07 am in response to News break

We're missing you and your blog, Dave. We'll be glad to welcome you back. In the meantime, rest.

Scandal does not mean guilt. Situation seems a little tame by now.
Here's some various definitions:

scan·dal (skndl)
1. A publicized incident that brings about disgrace or offends the moral sensibilities of society
2. A person, thing, or circumstance that causes or ought to cause disgrace or outrage.
3. Talk that is damaging to one's character; malicious gossip.
4.a widely publicized allegation or set of allegations that damages the reputation...

One interesting observation...all weekend mainstream Twin Cities media - newspaper and TV - have been referring to this story as the Brett Favre "situation." I think s stronger word, "scandal" perhaps, might be merited.

Posted on 01/15/10 at 10:36 am in response to Three cheers for Lily Coyle ... and the Star Tribune letters editor

I would also like to know more about her...

Posted on 01/14/10 at 09:30 am in response to Mother-daughter book clubs -- the choosing

I am speaking to my first mother-daughter book club this Sunday. They are reading my debut STALKING SUSAN, winner of the Minnesota Book Award. I've spoken to many other book clubs, and they each have their own dynamics, but I'm really looking forward to this one.

My family attended the show and it was fabulous. Worth triple the ticket prices.

Posted on 11/03/09 at 12:34 pm in response to Book marketing 101: Book club visits out-perform press tours

I've spoken to numerous book clubs. You never know what to expect. Last week one dressed as characters from my latest book, MISSING MARK.

Posted on 10/30/09 at 09:13 am in response to Is your book club like church?

Last year I spoke at a book club that dressed up as characters from my novel STALKING SUSAN. Tonight I'm paying a return visit and they're dressing like my characters from MISSING MARK.

Posted on 09/15/09 at 09:36 am in response to For these readers, 'Packinghouse Daughter' triggers some raw memories

What do you know...I'm scheduled to speak at the Shakopee Women's Prison October 29. I look at it as my Johnny Cash moment. Thanks for the article, now I know what to expect.

Posted on 08/21/09 at 08:24 pm in response to Book promotion falls on authors these days, 'Missing Mark' author finds

This just in - my debut, STALKING SUSAN, was just nominated for the Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel. Winner will be announced at Bouchercon, a giant mystery convention, this fall.