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Karen Sandness

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The Met Council needs an advisory board of people who do not own cars who can point out the shortcomings in the current system. Having spent four months this summer without a car, I can state that one main problem is lack of coordination among lines. You might get halfway to your destination, only to find out that the remaining piece of your transit puzzle runs only once an hour or not on weekends. In another scenario that I personally experienced when my car had a flat tire, you miss your...

I recently looked at the Interactive Map to see if the #21 was indeed the only way direct route from Minneapolis to the Ordway.

What I found was that the map of downtown St. Paul was so peppered with bus stop indicators that it was unreadable. I had to click on the individual bus stop to find out what routes went there and then look up the routes to find out where they went.

The first time I tried to use the Metro Transit website (admittedly, it was in 2003), I was trying to...

MYTH #1: If a corporation pays income tax, it just raises prices to cover that tax:
FACT: Most people I've talked to believe (without having thought much about it) that corporations are taxed in the same way as employed individuals, that is, all their income minus a few insignificant deductions and exemptions.
Actually, corporations are taxed only on their *profits,* that is, income minus expenses, which can include cost of raw materials, employee wages and benefits, costs of...

Companies now see employees as expenses rather than as assets. As such, it is considered prudent to outsource or offshore as much work as possible, and not only routine factory work, but skilled work, too, such as printing books or reading X-ray films.

I spent my elementary school years in a small town in Wisconsin that was the site of two manufacturing plants. Most of my classmates were the children of factory workers, and yet nearly all the families lived on one income and owned a...

Posted on 10/14/14 at 02:56 pm in response to Become a midlife revolutionary: walk to work

One day, a woman drove into a parking spot, leaned her head out the window, and asked, "Do you know where the fabric store is?"

I told her that it was two blocks up ahead.

"Then I'll have to drive," she sighed, and drove off.

Barring the possibility of her being disabled, she was typical of the type of person I call a "car potato," someone who would rather drive around the parking lot for ten minutes than walk 100 feet to the store.

Posted on 10/10/14 at 01:11 pm in response to Minneapolis should skip streetcars

the Blue Line, but what the best lines do is run through places that are already starting to develop and make the area more attractive. Portland's Westside MAX and Yellow Line are good examples.

The Blue Line is running through an area where, for long stretches, houses and businesses were knocked down in anticipation of Highway 55 being turned into a freeway.

Posted on 10/10/14 at 01:37 pm in response to One intriguing argument why potential voters aren’t going to the polls

I have voted third party. This is a way to make one's disaffection visible. If you don't vote, the powers that be just ignore you. If a large number vote third party, then the two major parties will not be able to ignore the people who don't like either the D's or the R's.

Posted on 10/10/14 at 01:30 pm in response to Nolan and Mills tangle in Duluth debate

I cannot vote in that particular race, since I live in Minneapolis, but I have some thoughts about third parties.

Unlike countries where they assassinate or "disappear" political figures who rock the boat, the U.S. media ignore or ridicule candidates who are not standard-issue D's or R's.

I first noticed this when I worked on the campaign of Dennis Kucinich for the Democratic nomination in 2004. We had to beg local media for coverage of his appearances, even though he was...

Posted on 10/13/14 at 01:44 am in response to New evidence suggests Earth's oceans are warming far faster than we knew

Have you ever seen The Daily Mail?

It's somewhere between USA Today and The National Enquirer.

Posted on 10/14/14 at 02:52 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

No one ever asked the pigs about their ideal living conditions.