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Karen Sandness

Minneapolis, MN
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Recent Comments reference to female candidates back in the 1970s and 1980s. I kept hearing that "Democrats are all for women in public office as long as they toe the Democratic line" or similar sentiments.

Well yes, it's true that for people with strong political views, ideology trumps ethnicity and gender.

Republicans tend to like Clarence Thomas and Jodi Ernst. Do these same Republicans also like Keith Ellison and Elizabeth Warren?

Definitely not, judging from what I've seen...

pretty common knowledge. I learned it in seventh grade history class.

But the Republican Party of his day was entirely different from today's Republican Party. In fact, the Republican Party of forty years ago was quite a bit different from today's Republican Party.

Many Southern Democrats joined the Republicans in disgust after LBJ, a Democrat from Texas, signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. In response, the Republicans began actively courting Southerners, partly by adding...

is the notion that the United States has a right, even a duty, to remold the world.

The trouble is, our government and military are lousy at it.

Iraq is worse off than it was under Saddam Hussein. Afghanistan is worse off than it would have been under the Soviets. The Central American countries, except for Costa Rica and Panama, were badly in need of revolutions, and they remain in a semi-feudal state to this day, with the added element of a violent drug trade. Grenada was no...

Posted on 12/19/14 at 03:12 pm in response to Student-housing changes in the Twin Cities mirror trends elsewhere

or two--I'm not surprised that it's been difficult to fill them up. For all practical purposes, all the new construction from Stadium Village to I-35 is luxury student housing. I wonder if some of them, especially those farther from campus, will eventually be turned into non-student housing.

I went with a church group in 2011. It's a beautiful island with friendly people and great music and art, and it seems less repressive than China did in 1990.

It was a fascinating experience to be in a country completely cut off from American commercial culture. My cell phone didn't work, nor was there any easily accessible Internet. The convent (yes, a working convent) that we stayed in had satellite TV, but I didn't have time to watch it.

The island is neither as wonderful as...

and while his father worked in Las Vegas after emigrating from Cuba, he has a different first name (Mario) than the Rubios (Tito and Ralph) mentioned in the book.

Look at the Israel-Palestine situation. Both sides want to get that last lick in that will finally make the other side "behave." They've been at it for 67 years and still think that killing more of the other side will work.

The Islamic terrorists in the West are chickens coming home to roost. I suppose it seemed like a good idea for France and Britain to colonize and exploit Islamic lands and for the U.S. to make alliances with feudal religious fanatics to secure oil (in Saudi Arabia...

It may be the absolute truth that you don't know where Person X is, but you will be unable to convince your captor.

It may be the absolute truth that Person Y is innocent of any wrongdoing, but if your captor has it in his head that Person Y is guilty, telling the truth won't save you.

It may be the absolute truth that Person Z is a humanitarian committing civil disobedience for a good cause (helping feed a population that the government has targeted for genocide), but that...

the kind of attitude that prompts some pre-literate tribes throughout the world to call themselves The People or The Real People and everyone else The No-Good Thieving Crooks or The Stinking Beasts or something equally derogatory.

According to that attitude, then other people are justified in torturing Americans if it will give them the information needed to stop the bombing or stop the drones. Right?

Remember "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"?

in junior high. Between the present-day lack of home ec. classes (my old school system no longer offers them on any level) and the failure of older generations to pass on cooking skills, we have a generation or two that wouldn't know what to do with a raw onion.

Maybe some of the time devoted to passing standardized tests could be put to better use teaching the students to prepare a meal from scratch. That's a skill that everyone, rich or poor, male or female, can use.