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Posted on 12/19/14 at 03:12 pm in response to Student-housing changes in the Twin Cities mirror trends elsewhere

or two--I'm not surprised that it's been difficult to fill them up. For all practical purposes, all the new construction from Stadium Village to I-35 is luxury student housing. I wonder if some of them, especially those farther from campus, will eventually be turned into non-student housing.

Look at the Israel-Palestine situation. Both sides want to get that last lick in that will finally make the other side "behave." They've been at it for 67 years and still think that killing more of the other side will work.

The Islamic terrorists in the West are chickens coming home to roost. I suppose it seemed like a good idea for France and Britain to colonize and exploit Islamic lands and for the U.S. to make alliances with feudal religious fanatics to secure oil (in Saudi Arabia...

It may be the absolute truth that you don't know where Person X is, but you will be unable to convince your captor.

It may be the absolute truth that Person Y is innocent of any wrongdoing, but if your captor has it in his head that Person Y is guilty, telling the truth won't save you.

It may be the absolute truth that Person Z is a humanitarian committing civil disobedience for a good cause (helping feed a population that the government has targeted for genocide), but that...

in junior high. Between the present-day lack of home ec. classes (my old school system no longer offers them on any level) and the failure of older generations to pass on cooking skills, we have a generation or two that wouldn't know what to do with a raw onion.

Maybe some of the time devoted to passing standardized tests could be put to better use teaching the students to prepare a meal from scratch. That's a skill that everyone, rich or poor, male or female, can use.

in boarding schools and college dorms and had never had to cook or pay much attention to cooking. She joined our household of three, which took turns preparing dinner for the whole group, and we insisted that she join the rotation. But those first few meals were painstaking affairs, because despite our fairly large collection of cookbooks, there was a lot that she simply did not understand about the instructions. She required a lot of coaching before she could prepare a meal independently....

Posted on 12/19/14 at 03:37 pm in response to Some painful truths about Minneapolis Public Schools' academic progress

I noticed while teaching Japanese for eleven years:

1. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all educational model for either teachers or students. Any method does not match a particular teacher's talents will fail. Any method that does not take a student's strengths and weaknesses into account will fail.

2. Students learn better when they have an attainable goal in mind ("I want survival skills for the start of my semester in Yokohama" instead of "I want to become fluent...

is that young people (mostly men) are taken out of society during the years when they should be taking their first jobs, getting married, and starting families.

Take a 19-year-old who is sentenced to 15 years on drug charges. He gets out at age 34 with no job history and a great deal of anger.

And why was he in the drug trade in the first place? Probably because he saw that there were no living-wage jobs (or even no jobs at all) in his community, and he did not have the money...

Nowadays, a lot of people shop at WalMart because it's all they can afford, and the reason that it's all they can afford is that they are working at one or more jobs that don't allow them to make ends meet. (One full-time minimum wage job at the new state minimum wage of $9.50 is only $1520 a month, and no, it's not just teenagers working these jobs anymore.)

From what I remember of the 1980s and 1990s, WalMart was a regional retailer that was well-regarded for bringing a variety of...

Posted on 12/01/14 at 09:02 pm in response to Why riots? A lawyer's thoughts on Ferguson

Despite the stereotype of the serial killer or murderous mugger, most murders are committed by people the victim knows, usually for personal reasons. Most black murder victims are killed by other black people, but most white murder victims are killed by other white people, and I've never heard any commentator use "white on white crime" as an excuse for anything.

Posted on 12/01/14 at 08:56 pm in response to Bill Clinton on our ‘one remaining bigotry’

as if the public can't be trusted to process more than two points of view.

My favorite example is the interventions in Central America in 1980s. The Reagan administration's position could be summarized as "We ought to come down hard on the leftist guerrillas in Central America and on the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and send their opponents military aid and advisors." That position was well represented in the print and broadcast media.

The purported "opposite" position...