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Keith Summers

Wayzata, MN
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Posted on 01/13/14 at 02:25 pm in response to Sid Hartman's fans savor the man and the moment

I f someone were to ask me the very first thing I read in a newspaper with any regularity it would be Sid's column, starting over 50 years ago. He may occasionally drive me to distraction today; but, as a life long, avid newspaper reader, thanks Sid. Will he being Joining MNPOST when he reaches retirement?

Posted on 12/13/13 at 09:29 am in response to The case for saving the Star Tribune's historic building

With its' newly acquired riches from the real estate sale, the Strib could build and endow the band shell at our new urban park and repurpose the only thing of any value in the existing building, the center of the front façade, as the front façade of the Star Tribune Band Shell. Now, if we were to repurpose the dome roof to go over the band shell we would have a new home for the MN Orchestra (add a few huge foam rubber Viking helmets for acoustics.

Posted on 08/23/13 at 02:09 pm in response to Seven questions about the Vikings stadium deal that need answers

If the naming rights are worth an estimated 91 million up front and the NFL is good for 200 million in loans and grants that would leave 477 million - 291 million = 186 million as the Wilf's remaining responsibility.

Wait, this just in: Vikings announce seat licensing plan for the 18,600 tickets on the lower level between the 20s: $10,000 per seat.

New update: New Jersey Judge awards 50 million dollar penalty against Wilfs in real estate fraud trial.

Breaking news:...

Posted on 08/01/13 at 10:45 am in response to One developer should not dictate the future of Dinkytown

Maybe OPUS would be interested in redeveloping the West end of Nicollet Island where Phyliss and her friends all "won" lifetime squatting rights on park board property. Her neighbors across 200 yards of river pay tens of thousands of dollars in annual property taxes while Phyliss is good for a few hundred bucks. I'm sure OPUS could better our return. Ms. Kahn is the ultimate NIMBY as demonstrated during her disgraceful behavior over the DeLaSalle football field: costing the school hundreds...

Posted on 02/22/13 at 01:18 pm in response to Michele Bachmann, quiet congresswoman

Let's see, an annual salary of $174,000 and a personal net worth increase from about $300k to $1.7m from 2007 to 2010. It should be no surprise that her highest priority is hanging on to a gig this good.

Posted on 10/04/11 at 03:41 pm in response to Dick Day leaves Racino job to open new lobbying firm

"Day said, “I have been approached by many people asking for my assistance with their issues over at the Capitol.""

And the sad part is that it does not even occur to him that this is the essence of what is wrong with our political system today: a complete pay for play proposition.


Posted on 09/29/11 at 01:26 pm in response to Stadium study: Will it address all of the right questions?

Paul Udstrand provides a very rational and logical argument against the proposed Viking stadium. The only problem is that logic will not win the day on this one. We're talking FOOTBALL here and as soon as this area loses an NFL team the crescendo to get another will begin and it will not be denied: See "Cleveland Browns" and "Baltimore Ravens".

We took Urdstrand's arguments to heart when Norm Green wanted a $9,000,0000 skyway to the MegaMall in order to retain the North Stars for...