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Kelly Wing

Wyoming, MN
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Posted on 02/18/09 at 10:25 pm in response to KTLK's Jason Lewis going national

Hey Brauer!

I am disappointed with this piece. I began readin Minnpost because it seemed to have a more middle-of-the-road approach to Minnesota news, but your comments and tone clearly indicate otherwise. I once recommended you to others; now I will rescind that act and no longer log on to you. Can't we Conservatives ever get a fair shake. Good-bye MinnPost.

Well, well, well!

I am so happy that Al seems to have won. His hard-earned victory now confirms the fraud that has ocurred. Are my grapes sour just a bit? Sure, but his "comeback" has no statistical merits whatsoever and is the final nail in the coffin on two fronts. First, MN elections are a sham and we're fooling ourselves if we think we're doing things correctly. The votes he gained and the manner in which he got them have no precedent and are not in line with how precints voted....