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Kelly Guncheon

Plymouth, Minnesota
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Actually, until the DFL decides to get rid of such an inept Chairman, it will continue to fail. Their strategy this year was mystifying at best. Despite having many successes to ride on, the party can't can't craft a message or unify its people to save its life.

Good point, Joe, and in an ideal world, you'd be absolutely right., But I know of two excellent candidates in my area who were done in by well-run campaigns that used such things as well-crafted (although mostly deceptive and/or disinformation) messages, well-financed marketing, and shadow networks to win the election. Their opponents were clearly inferior as they didn't do anything, but these people were done in.

Posted on 09/10/14 at 11:16 am in response to How MinnPost calculates political leans of House districts

This seems to be of limited value. Were candidates exactly the same and there were no change in issue or the environment, this would be valuable, but neither of those are even close to being constant.

Putting aside the fact that the article is about a legislator who forgets to follow the law, how exactly is this--or any other DFL effort--part of a "War on Women"? I'd really like to know how you came up with that.

Posted on 07/02/14 at 08:23 am in response to Minnesotans need to think differently about saving for retirement

Mr. Van Hecke's observation are by and large right on, although his descriptions of DBPs and DCPs are a little muddled. DCPs don't use or rely on actuarials, for example.

Nevertheless, his point is right on: Many if not most people are not prepared for retirement. As a Certified Financial Planner who services 401k and 403b plans, I see this all the time when I meet with employees. There are myriad reasons for people are unprepared. For many young people, retirement is so far...

Posted on 07/02/14 at 12:13 pm in response to Minnesotans need to think differently about saving for retirement

Until someone who works specifically on the idea responds, here's what I know:

1. Pre-tax

2. Tax-deferred growth, not tax-free.

3. Eliminates the need for participants to make investment decisions and offers a guaranteed benefit rather than an uncertain one, which is what defined contribution plans offer.

4. If it's piggybacked onto or administered by those who administer well-run pensions (e.g., CALPERS), it can work.

5. No. IRAs do not address the...

I walked out of a grocery store one morning, and there was a middle-aged women lying on the sidewalk, with her 8-year-old daughter standing over her, hysterical because she thought her mother was dying. As it turns out, the mother had tripped on a sidewalk edge and fallen, breaking her glasses, which left a 2-inch gash above her eyebrow which was bleeding profusely onto the sidewalk beneath her head.

After checking the situation out, I quickly ran into the store to grab a roll of...

You can fault the DFL for numerous things (e.g., dysfunctional leadership, inability to organize a coherent message, etc.), but a lack of bipartisanship is not one of them. Republicans are simply dead set against a bipartisanship, which they consider to be a weakness. My district has a Republican Representative who couldn't wait to not only rage against anything the DFL and the Governor did, but establish straw-man arguments and hyperbole to support their dark side. How are you supposed...

I don't know this guy, nor have I heard him speak, so I can only respond to his assertions in this article. But if this is any indication of being the best anti-gay marriage he can offer, I'm dumbstruck.

First, he isolates his mothers' sexuality as being the cause of his difficult childhood, but minimizes the facts that he grew up in a mobile home where his parents were together for him only on weekends, or that he was separated from and raised differently than his brothers and...

Posted on 11/02/12 at 10:45 am in response to Small-town Minnesota publisher supports gay marriage, loses subscribers

Funny and sad that a small-town newspaper editor understands a newspaper's role better than that of a major Minnesota city. The PIPress's argument is just as specious as the amendment. Burbach and the PiPress allege that people aren't influenced by endorsements and are able to obtain information elsewhere. Then why should the paper take a position about anything? Readers can easily find a wealth of information about nearly anything; the marriage amendment is not unique in that regard....