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Kevin Watterson

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A Republican would say the same thing about any number of debates on issues Democrats oppose. That's the thing about a world in which people disagree.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 11:49 am in response to A plan to stitch Minneapolis together again: Cover a stretch of I-35W

Tremendous amount of land? Have you ever flown into or out of the Twin Cities or looked at it on Google Earth?

Interesting. My first thought was putting in the inflator with the option for the state to suspend it was a brilliant move to ensure there is a minimum wage debate every year, which the DFL would obviously love. This article made me consider the flip side, which is that when an automatic increase is already in place it will be tougher to pass an even larger increase.

“The friend’s mom says, ‘Mason, what does your mom do? Does she work outside of the home?’ And Mason says, ‘Yes she does — she’s a Democrat,” Smith told the crowd to laughs and cheers.

If a Republican...

Posted on 01/14/14 at 04:35 pm in response to Southwest LRT’s path hung up by two intractable positions

The best route is to not build it.

Posted on 01/10/14 at 12:27 pm in response to Neighborhood group skeptically eyeballs Lake Calhoun apartment design

"the loss of the sky"

That was my favourite part.

I don't know how you 1) even ask for time off at such a time, and 2) how in the world it gets approved. I worked at the Capitol for nine years, if I asked for time off a month from the end of the legislative session and said "Oh, but I'll be available by phone" I'd be laughed out of the building with a box of my belongings.

I can't wrap my head around how not just one person but apparently a whole host of people thought this was okay.

Posted on 12/09/13 at 11:39 am in response to 500 years is a very long time

Sounds like a way to torpedo the project.

Posted on 11/22/13 at 12:47 pm in response to State House members will report early to St. Paul for committee hearings

This is fairly normal in even-numbered years.

You could have saved a lot of bytes and bandwidth just saying saying you think rightwing extremist Republicans are repulsive. Would have saved a chunk of my time, too.