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Kurt Anderson

Minneapolis, MN
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A few years ago I had some time to kill and was near the St. Paul main library. I ended up spending the afternoon skimming several chapters of a Brecht biography. My previous admiration for him was tempered, to put it mildly. Like at least one other modern pop culture figure, one wonders how much of the product was really his, and how much he stole from his close associates. He may have lied to HUAC (it's hard to blame him for that) and thenretreated to the idyllic haven of East Berlin...

Because MinnPost tells me that a "Comment field is required"

Hear hear !!

Posted on 12/18/14 at 10:04 am in response to 45th parallel: Markers make note of this Minneapolis distinction

Why not also prominently mark the Arctic/Atlantic continental divide that crosses I-94 southeast of Fergus Falls; or the subcontinental one that crosses I-35 south of Duluth; or the triple divide point (ironically near one of the largest human-made holes in the ground) in Hibbing?

PS -- If we "think Metropolitan" can we outnumber Turin and Krasnodar?
PPS -- edit to "New York's and Vermont's border with Quebec" but we might bruise some egos in New Hampshire's proud "North Country...

Count your blessings. Do you really want local resident police giving us another Charlie Stenvig as mayor??

Posted on 11/08/14 at 03:37 pm in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

I dread to think of the long-term consequences for our democracy if the federal courts tell large majorities of voters, in a large majority of our states, that their democratic preferences do not matter. It would be so much better if the justices would vote, as Minnesota voters (including me) did, to keep the issue out of the constitution. The changing cultural climate on gay marriage is best expressed in elections and legislative enactments.

Posted on 11/11/14 at 10:49 am in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

If you are going to invoke Loving v Virginia as a reason to trump legislative preferences (and by the way, I probably agree with you on SSM as a matter of legislative policy) then you also need to:
1) Explain why the Loving justices unanimously rejected the SSM case of Baker v Nelson just 3-4 years later; and
2) Acknowledge that the Lovings were actually arrested for holding themselves out as married, whereas under existing constitutional law that would not be possible for gay...

Posted on 11/11/14 at 11:18 am in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

I would not blame "leftists." Republican appointees have provided the majorities in famous (and arguably [?!] undemocratic) decisions from Roe v Wade to Bush v Gore and several more decisions that do not appear on most radar screens. They are not shy about trumping the will of the voters in favor of what appear to me to be untethered spacewalks through constitutional law.

Posted on 11/11/14 at 01:14 pm in response to Same-sex marriage will now likely become a Supreme Court case

Add a wry smile and a sigh to that headline, and I'd probably have to agree with it.

Posted on 11/08/14 at 03:46 pm in response to Is there hope for cutting through gridlock? John Brandl shows us a way

I was his campaign treasurer while he ran for and served in the state Senate. I know he took some heat from his south Minneapolis liberal constituency for demurring on some of their hardened ideological positions -- for example, supporting some funding for parochial schools and not carrying the hottest pro-choice torch on the abortion issue. Regretfully, I think our current situation reflects the calcified ideological positions on both sides of the great divide.

Posted on 07/14/14 at 10:03 am in response to Brag on, Minneapolis

We do our best here in Minneapolis and MN when we get on with our tasks and disregard what others may or may not think of us. The less attention we get from the rest of the nation and world, the better. I prefer to see us surprise and mystify them when we appear near the top of quality of life and similar lists, and I feel no need to demystify them. Spending too much time admiring our navels just raises the risk that we may trip over something.