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by the time he saw me, was too old to sue the dog owners who had negligently caused injury him when he was a child.

Apparently in the view of our legislature and governor, the negligence of put bull owners and drunk drivers is less serious than the bureaucratic negligence of the bishops in dealing a small number of errant or criminal priests (I am pleased that in my 60 years in the Church I have known none of those priests).

The entire universe of simple, common law negligence...

Posted on 11/08/13 at 12:36 pm in response to Election seems to signal the ascension of a new Minneapolis DFL

For me, one of Mark Andrews' late mailings was the kiss of death. The election seemed like a yawner before then; but all of a sudden I saw Mondale and McLaughlin looking out at me from the printed page. These are people with whom I am comfortable coalescing on state and national issues, but who tried their best to make life hard for Rybak over the last 12 years. So Andrews clearly aligned himself with the old guard DFL against the Rybak insurgency, and quickly dropped out of my top 3. He...

If St Louis Park is unwilling to take the freights, would it take the LRT route instead? The old Minneapolis Northfield & Southern right of way (whatever it is called now) goes north from Excelsior Boulevard to connect with the BNSF corridor coming in north of Cedar Lake. Proposed stations between Louisiana Avenue and Penn Av/394 would be eliminated and replaced by stations in SLP. I would think the SLP neighborhood groups would prefer LRT and its commuting benefits to freights in...

Posted on 10/23/13 at 11:45 am in response to Revisiting Simpson-Bowles: Reducing the debt must remain Congress' goal

The Fed buys $85B per month in treasuries. That adds up to $1.02T per year. The annual deficit is $670B (a healthy 37% reduction from 2012 as the economy slowly improves). So, that much of the Fed QE purchases go to fund the current deficit. Can I correctly conclude that the remaining $350B is retiring privately held treasuries, or paying the interest thereon? Since we all own the Fed, the old cliche that "We owe it to ourselves" is coming back into play. A substantial fringe benefit...

... or more of an easy mark for people who always have been hostile to it.

I am relieved to know that you are not going to dip into Grandma's contributions from the third pew, to pay for it (assuming you are matching up the civil liability with the blame).

Posted on 10/27/13 at 11:55 am in response to How I went from defending the teachers union to pushing for reform

1) Conversions of this sort go both directions. Consider the "counterrevolutionary" Diane Ravitch:

2) We sent our kids to an academically very strong parochial school and got our money's worth, but I was very...

Sorry to make such an easy comment. Yes, one can point out the historical variation but one also needs to pay attention to the broad (statistical) norms. It's possible to welcome change without distorting our history.

Two comments:

1) I hope the Pope's rhetorical squibs are followed up with some hard work on encyclicals and other detailed direction to bishops and other leaders so the words are translated into doctrine. Failing that, Francis' reign may be remembered for nice symbols and words and a dearth of substance. We have seen that before in American politics.

2) I believe that many troubling aspects of Church doctrine will be resolved in God's time, not human time. I had assumed,...

Posted on 08/26/13 at 11:50 am in response to Ranked-choice-voting reality: Theoretical 'perfect case' doesn't happen

It will not work to use ranked choice in lieu of a primary. We need a ranked choice primary and then either a ranked choice or 2-candidate general election.