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Posted on 02/08/14 at 12:10 pm in response to Congress needs more science expertise — so ask candidates questions!

Thanks for all the great comments.

It is not important, necessarily, that Congress have more actual working scientists. At the moment, the plurality of members are lawyers, and that makes sense because Congress makes laws.

The problem is that the science related conversations that happen in congress, at hearing, during campaigns by incumbents or challengers, and on the floor of both houses, are generally abysmal. If members of congress said things about the law that were as...

Dennis, I see your point but I'm not sure you're seeing the point of a group like Minnesota Atheists.

Here's the thing. If you randomly engage in social activities that interest you (like going to a baseball game or joining a softball league, whatever) it is very common to find yourself with a group of people who see religious activities as an expected normal part of the day. You're there at a meeting of some group you joined because of a shared interest, and suddenly there is a...

Posted on 06/21/13 at 11:37 am in response to The Tea Party made Marco Rubio, and now they want to break him

This is what civilization looks like when it takes a vacation.

One of Shawn Otto's main points in his article is that waste to energy technology has changed over time so that it is significantly better.

This piece mentions the concentration of toxic elements and compounds. The process of natural winnowing, increase density, and chemical changes that make coal does that too. Then, when the coal is burned, it happens further. Unregulated waste to energy burning may be very bad, but controlling the outputs for this technology, compared to coal,...

Posted on 06/13/13 at 11:52 am in response to Waste-to-energy technology is cleaner and safer than generally believed

You made me go back and look for the unattributed parts of Otto's post, but it turns out everything is attributed.

Posted on 02/12/13 at 02:05 pm in response to February 13, 1906: Minnesota's last legal execution

... inspired me to write a blog post, in fact.

This is a great example of the overlap between Minnesota Nice and Minnesota Passive Aggressive, if you think about it too much.

David, thank you for writing that, this is a very important post.

About the annoying atheists: Yes, there are some (though I would count those you mentioned as mild compared to many I happen to engage with these days) but it really is hard to beat the TV preachers and the people forcing religion into classrooms and all that when it comes to being annoying. There isn't any lack of annoying people in general; that's the problem. Also, saying that "atheists are annoying" is just a...

Posted on 05/21/12 at 02:26 pm in response to Bemidji incorporates Ojibwe into city’s signs and daily life

Signs should always be in both the local language and that of the most common immigrants to the area! It's just good common sense.

Posted on 05/21/12 at 05:20 pm in response to Bemidji incorporates Ojibwe into city’s signs and daily life

Jane: I had assumed English was the Foreign (i.e. Immigrant) language! But you may be right. The word "foreign" in the original post seems to be referring to "the language the readers from the dominant culture would find unfamiliar" which is, of course, utterly incorrect.

(My previous comment, which played off of that, is still in moderation ... perhaps this is a difficult concept and is not fully understood! To review: The Native Americans were here first. Thus "Native" and to...

Posted on 04/30/12 at 12:51 pm in response to Gov. Dayton cites safety concerns in vetoing fireworks bill

This might seem like an unimportant issue, but it really isn't. Or, if it is, one might ask why the legislature can't focus on the important stuff.

Anyway, the whole thing reminds me of a story: