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Posted on 10/07/14 at 04:09 pm in response to New evidence suggests Earth's oceans are warming far faster than we knew

The paleo history also reveals what has happened in the past when climate forcings moved too far in one direction or the other. One extreme is Snowball Earth. The other is extreme heating. Both resulted in mass extinctions. The crocodiles paddling around in what is now the Arctic may have thought conditions were just dandy, but the 70-90% of other species that went extinct would beg to differ.

We have already seized control of the planet's thermostat, but in a completely...

Posted on 10/07/14 at 04:12 pm in response to New evidence suggests Earth's oceans are warming far faster than we knew

Models are by definition approximations. They have their uses in helping us improve our understanding of the forcings that drive climate. But we don't need them to understand what happens when the planet is no longer in energy balance. We have multiple examples in the distant past, and the picture is not pretty. Unless you think mass extinction is a good thing. Argue about model uncertainties all you want. The past is fixed, and the data are clear.

Posted on 10/07/14 at 06:02 pm in response to New evidence suggests Earth's oceans are warming far faster than we knew

There is a form of insanity peculiar to humans that comes into play when politics and money are allowed to dominate in discussions in which they have no legitimate place, or only peripheral involvement at most. It is called "magical thinking".

People, most people, are so used to feeding every issue under the sun into the political meat grinder that they think they can do it with physics too, as if the basic laws by which the universe operates can be influenced by opinion polls, PAC...

... if I've ever heard one. I must admit it made me laugh. On the one hand you describe Dayton as a man of limited vision and limited intellect who is mostly the puppet of handlers, and on the other you salute him, yay ra-ra, for fixing the ticket bundling thing. I'm not sure he'd appreciate your "salute", but anyway it was (unintentionally, I think) funny.

For my part, I assess him as a decent man, genuinely committed to public service and good governance, who has done well for...

Quibbles concerning statistical methodology notwithstanding, we are clearly in the midst of a 6th great extinction event, driven mostly by human activity, and the future is grim. Human induced global warming on the order of the PETM (Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum) will kick in just at the point that we have so weakened ecosystems that they are extremely vulnerable to additional stressors. Further, the rate at which it is happening allows no time for natural adaptation. PETM warming...

Posted on 09/24/14 at 07:11 pm in response to Why so much oil from the fracking boom is moving by high-risk rail

Yes, by all means, lets burn as much of the filthiest, most environmentally destructive fossil fuels as possible, so that by the time your grandchildren are grown, the planet will be all but uninhabitable.

If Obama's been standing in the way of Keystone, I need to send him a thank you note. And you need to educate yourself about the physics of greenhouse gas emissions. Here's one hint: physics cannot be bargained with, wished out of existence or voted out of office. Action/...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 12:58 pm in response to Yes, ditching the car for your commute to work improves well-being

" Not everyone lives within walking or biking distance."

But they did choose to live a long distance from work, which is both ecologically damaging and detrimental to personal well-being due to the stress it creates every day.

"reported that any type of long commute ... increased anxiety and lowered people sense of happiness and being satisfied with life."

Choices have consequences.

I've only glanced at the email thread, but my take is that IS/ISIS/ISIL currently represents no direct threat to the U.S., though there may be merit to the idea that if they become truly established, they will turn their attention to striking us. Right now they have their hands full with a full-on war in Iraq and Syria, so I don't think they can spare much effort for a serious terrorist strike on the U.S. homeland. They do threaten middle east regimes, which indirectly threatens us,...

Posted on 09/02/14 at 04:30 pm in response to 100 years later, have we learned from the passenger pigeon's extinction?

What an easy out, putting a shared responsibility that is on all of us, Vikings billionaire owners included, on other people.

Your post indicates that you do not understand the issue, are unconcerned about living on this planet without doing unnecessary damage to the biosphere, and are in fact part of the problem.

Posted on 09/02/14 at 04:48 pm in response to 100 years later, have we learned from the passenger pigeon's extinction?

...getting either to alter course just because it is the right thing to do is almost impossible. It does require one to have a soul, after all, or at least a conscience.

There is plenty of blame to go around for the use of bird-killing glass in the Vikings' Avian Abattoir, primarily on the Vikings and the MSFA of course, but let's not forget the Champion in Chief of the new stadium, Gov. Dayton. He has heard from concerned voters and has received a petition, but has done nothing to...