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Posted on 11/25/14 at 11:17 am in response to The North Side's last synagogue: Beth El

As the intro notes, Beth El was the last synagogue to be founded on the North Side, but not quite the last to leave. A merger of two other North Side congregations, Mikro-Tifereth, left a few years later.

Posted on 08/03/12 at 12:20 pm in response to Educating: someone’s gotta do it. On being a Jew in the armed forces

Mr. Tester;

Perhaps you would like to pose your question to someone at the Jewish War Veterans of America.

Such organizations were founded in part to counter tiresome aspersions such as yours.

Ms. Ozer,
Thanks for the interesting article.

Posted on 03/09/12 at 07:54 pm in response to What’s really behind Tarryl Clark’s DFL endorsement decision

Very undude.

Posted on 01/11/12 at 06:51 pm in response to Death of Danny O'Neil, a classic of 'old St. Paul,' ends an era

Thanks for this story. When this Minneapolis girl got a job in downtown St. Paul in 1978 it was like traveling to another world, and Nakashian-O'Neil was part of the charm. Who remembers Gleason's? The original home of the made-to-order, freshly ground and individually dripped cup of coffee.

Congratulations to Gloria and Mark for getting their house local historic designation!

For more on their house's story, check out the video on the "Extras" tab at

And while you are there, watch the entire documentary "Cornerstones: A History of North Minneapolis," produced by the University of Minnesota and TPT.

Posted on 08/18/11 at 10:23 am in response to Commuters and truckers alert: Bachmann says $2 gas if she's elected

And can she also promise a chicken in every pot?

Posted on 07/05/11 at 11:00 am in response to New U of M President Eric Kaler: Ready to engage, on campus and off

I am heartened to read that President Kahler mentioned leveraging the U's arts, social sciences, and humanities resources. The U has been overfocused on the hard sciences, business, and medical areas in the past few years.

Posted on 03/23/09 at 03:19 pm in response to 'Betsy-Tacy' landmark in Mankato destroyed

My first thought that it was one of the two house being preserved, associated with the characters of Betsy and Tacy. Though I'm sad to hear about it, Mr. Meacham wasn't exactly a main character. Thanks for reporting this on MinnPost.

If I were to receive some sort of Christian proselytizing at a place of business whose product is not religion, I as a Jew, would be annoyed, offended, pissed off. In this case I would give the coloring book back to the owner and let them know s/he lost my business.

I find it interesting that over and over again it is Christians, not Muslims or Jews, who are so into pushing their beliefs on others, thinking they are doing everyone a favor. I can recall the first time this happened...

Posted on 12/19/08 at 08:28 pm in response to 'Frost/Nixon': The tricky business of marketing the play vs. the film

For what it's worth, my New York friend Michael, who is a theatre, film, AND political maven says the play is far superior to the movie. His advice to me: see the play first, then rent the movie (assuming it's gone from the theater by the time the touring show hits town).