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Lauren Maker

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Posted on 07/11/12 at 08:51 am in response to As lawmakers haggle over food-aid cuts, some numbers to consider

Second Harvest Heartland has more than doubled their food distribution since the start of the :recession". Last year they distributed over 73 million tons of food.

So Congress's answer to vastly increased need is to cut food aid in our own country?

Pass the cake, please.

Posted on 07/11/12 at 08:41 am in response to Court to decide if private firms must disclose public data

Guess Ol' Sooch didn't smell anything political when the GOP Legislature insisted on passing inaccurate titles to their proposed constitutional amendments--when drafting of titles is normally the pervue of the Secertary of State. I guess checking facts ain't necessary when you're just a columnist, not a reporter.

Posted on 07/08/12 at 11:35 am in response to Boom! Boom! Could that be the Twin Cities housing market?

Both Paul and Neil seem to think "consenting adults" were at the center of this problem. I live in North Minneapolis and I can tell you that the scams run on my community were not of the legal variety. Bogus, inflated appraisals, fradulent mortgages by the mortgage companies and the realtors, total mispresentation of the mortgage terms and conditions, not to mention the totally misleading marketing of refinancing products. That doesn't include the many varieties of flipping scams....

Dude--if the law doesn't require it, aren't you asking the Court to make new law?

I thought you folks were against activist judges.

And how would a driver's license alert an election judge to the fact that someone may be a felon and possibly not eligible to vote? Do they have a yellow star on their license or what?

I hope Rep.Kiffmeyer doesn't want public funds to pay for your attorney's fees here, because your legal theories of this case seem to be run it up the flag...

Posted on 06/22/12 at 02:16 pm in response to Conflicted over Trader Joe's in Minneapolis

Didn't the City Council, including CM Tuthill, just override the existing zoning for one business--by approving the Vikings stadium deal?

And there was no public hearing or CPED report on that zoning change.--it was just a done deal in the legislation. I guess TJ just needs more outrageous fan support to make their case.

Posted on 06/22/12 at 02:27 pm in response to Duluth drying out, reassuring tourists

Don't they realize the Hatch Act applies to Federal employees? I highly doubt that Sen. Linda Higgins was receiving any federal compensation for her city job.

Inquiring minds want to know--are they making that same request of all public employees in that race? Council Member Don Samuels is on the City payroll, as is/was at least one other candidate besides Higgins.

Posted on 06/21/12 at 09:23 am in response to Mondale and Carlson: Nix Voter ID

I can't wait to see those videos of the 35W bridge falling down again, and again, and again. . . . Tim Pawlenty's fiscal conservatism in action.

The difference with Target is a couple of things. First was timing--Emmer had just made the laughable claim that waitresses were making $100,000 a year, so he was in favor of abolishing the minimum wage. So Target also looked stupid for claiming Emmer's positions on business was the reason for their endorsement/contribution. Hey, if we abolished minimum wage, no one in their major demographic could have afforded to shop at Target anymore--so nothing about Target's action rung true. Emmer...

Posted on 05/27/12 at 02:37 pm in response to Mayor Rybak, Vikings fans finally get to celebrate stadium victory

And where does Mr. Spooner live? Plymouth. Sure he's happy about winning--he gets a new boy toy palace and I get to pay for it. I'm sure he'll complain about the rough city streets around the new stadium when we don't have the money to fix them.

Just check Forbes magazine, Larry--compared to the 49ers, we got royally suckerpunched. They are getting a better stadium and the team is paying for most of it. Just another bad development deal brought to you by the City of...

Posted on 05/24/12 at 09:43 am in response to Blogger's case lands in Court of Appeals

I'm sure that eliminating absentee balloting is next on the GOP agenda for voter suppression. We can't have those people in nursing homes and hospitals voting--they are probably Democrats. And military folks stationed overseas--no need to let them vote either--they are just protecting democracy--they don't get to use it.