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Lee Miller

Anoka, MN
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@ Andrew Kearney. I'm one of the 99% and don't envy your 1% status. Howvever if you feel so strongly that it isn't enough that the 1% carry 40% of the nation's tax burden, feel free to send in more. I won't stop you.

Using the same logic that Mr. Shelby and others are applying here... I assume it is fair to say that anyone that votes to preserve/support Roe v. Wade can be legitmately accused of supporting policies that kill or at the very least "harm" children.

@Robert Moffitt
Talk about twisted logic. Enslavement of women? No different than farm animals? Are you serious? Unreal. Get back to me when consensual human relationships are on the same level as the deer rut.

You are correct Robert. I'm new here and still adjusting to the format. My response was directed @ Dennis Wagner.