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Logan Foreman

Bloomington, MN
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Posted on 10/13/14 at 05:01 pm in response to A geek's guide to political polling

But the major party candidates were pathetic

Posted on 10/13/14 at 03:22 pm in response to Texas prosecutors want Adrian Peterson re-arrested

Latest poll has him behind. Keep on predicting Swift

Posted on 10/10/14 at 09:48 am in response to Dayton uses debate to propose increasing gas tax

Remember the debate in the last presidential race when many cheered for letting the uninsured die on the streets rather than receive medical care

Discuss conservative theories on global warming? LOL

Posted on 10/02/14 at 03:53 pm in response to McFadden gets early endorsement from Forum newspaper chain

From the end of the earth destination. Move out to Minot NOW,

To the Tea party members Swift as the clueless voters who vote Republican. One of many problems for that party.

Posted on 09/25/14 at 04:44 pm in response to Amy Klobuchar for U.S. attorney general?

Of course.

Posted on 09/25/14 at 04:54 pm in response to Amy Klobuchar for U.S. attorney general?

Of AGs in recent years who did not "test the political winds" before taking action. Perhaps Acting Attorney General Robert Bork.

Tea party event for Mr. Weber