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Lora Jones

Minneapolis, MN
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the one and only time they called me, I was appalled at the phrasing and sequencing of the questions, and told the interviewer as much. Surprise, surprise, they never called ME again.

Also, a look at the cross-tabs show a population weighted significantly towards landlines, people over 65 or between 50 and 64 and White. You ask the Republican base such questions, and you get results like Raygun being the bestest president ever. Interestingly, most respondents still felt that Obama...

Posted on 06/23/14 at 01:15 pm in response to Don't cross the pollinators: Starting July 1, they're protected by law

walking my dogs past a field-full of clover. Five years ago, the thing would have been buzzing with them on a day such as this past Saturday.

Posted on 06/09/14 at 01:25 pm in response to Party without power: How the Minnesota GOP plans to take over the House

I see a good number of races that remind me of Romney's final days -- throwing good money after bad in Wisconsin, and at the end, trumpeting the win-ability of Minnesota. It stretches credulity to believe that candidates who won by 10+ points 2 years ago are extremely vulnerable, no matter who carried the presidential race. Same goes for the DFL.

I also find it interesting that 5 of the 10 GOP challengers in the 10 races where the margin was under 10 percentage points are going...

Posted on 06/09/14 at 10:03 am in response to Minnesota's GOP Senate caucus already targeting 2016 races

and it's a pretty big "if," tea party influence is held in check and they find a reasonably sane and socially moderate candidate. Judging by this year's rush to the right, after the "2012 Autopsy" and the abjurations of everyone from Bobby Jindahl to Carl Rove, there're a lot of light bulbs that'll have to go off in the meantime.

Wow. Before the Tea Party (and Mitt giving carte blanche to Clint) it was the GOP whose conventions more closely resembled stage shows than political events, locally and nationally. Kudos to you for making lemonade out of lemons! But rather ironic when it was only 4 years ago that the DFL was purportedly "doomed" and "in chaos" because of similar internecine battles!

by so strenuously and stereotypically emphasizing Teamster opposition -- and not Licensed Beverage Association opposition -- to Sunday sales as THE reason for DFL ambivalence. If my understanding of teamster opposition is accurate, a single line in the bill prohibiting owners from using Sunday sales as a reason for forced, early renegotiation of existing contracts would go a long way towards alleviating their objections. And that's before we even get to the unfortunate, and deliberately...

Posted on 04/15/14 at 12:55 pm in response to In Obama district, Minnesota Republican racks up 70-to-1 cash advantage

how much of that 70 to 1 advantage is from 3rd District residents. Koch & co money doesn't equal voter support. My guess would be that it's still very much a narrow dem district, and Mr. Paulsen will need the money and some fancy footwork around his party's positions to be reelected.

The empty suit paradigm of the Minnesota GOP continues to flourish.

Posted on 04/16/14 at 08:02 am in response to In Obama district, Minnesota Republican racks up 70-to-1 cash advantage

My only point was that a cursory reading of the headline implied that in 18 months the 3rd had shifted by a 70 point margin towards the GOP, which isn't necessarily the case. Having lived in the 3rd for 15 years or so 15 years ago, I pretty sure that Paulsen has had to tamp down his inner social conservative to win and to keep winning. Oh, and if you really need to comfort yourselves with a non-false equivalency, Franken also raises considerable amounts of money from outside the state.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 10:16 am in response to A plan to stitch Minneapolis together again: Cover a stretch of I-35W

I'll never forget how, when both my sister and I lived in the Kingsfield neighborhood 20 some years ago, my mom relayed how much the freeway had changed the area since, as a student, she'd worked for a professor who lived there . I guess my priorities might be a bit different than the U of M students, however. I'd like to see the Capitol and the Cathedral reconnected with St. Paul first. With the West Bank/Downtown-Westbank/Augsberg/Seward areas to follow.

Posted on 04/09/14 at 09:48 am in response to Amid cries of 'fascism,' bullying bill passes

It is just so deliciously ironic that so many in the GOP love to throw around the word "fascism" to label their political opponents. The poor dears obviously don't know what "fascism" means . . . when the ultimate goal of GOP policies and positions is government by of and for corporations.