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Lora Jones

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 01/21/15 at 03:16 pm in response to Northfield pub owner feels backlash over free speech

until I discovered them this way: slice them horizontally, sauté them in butter (preferably) or olive oil, squeeze on a bit of lime juice and some salt and they're absolutely delicious. If you come across them on sale (this week at Cub), buy just a handful and try it. It made me change my mind.

Posted on 01/20/15 at 11:31 am in response to The Minnesota State Capitol restoration project, explained

to get on board with the 6 Billion over 10 year plan set out by the Senate.

Posted on 01/19/15 at 02:54 pm in response to Sandpiper oil pipeline may face a 'snail darter' moment over bats

(and the Feds) ears!

Posted on 01/08/15 at 10:22 am in response to The ins and outs of the all-important Minnesota must-do: snow shoveling

I admit to admiring the shoveling on my block and wishing it could be extended for a few more surrounding blocks. Like many other city neighborhoods, we have enough walkers and dog walkers and people getting back and forth to the bus stop and the local park that letting it go makes so much extra work chipping off the compacted areas as to be self-defeating.

And, it also concerns me that people who need help with it aren't getting it -- without a citation and a fee. I should think...

Posted on 11/06/14 at 02:35 pm in response to Minnesota DFL, GOP in day-after event: Nobody’s delighted

and ones that, like most such, are destined to be untrue. I've talked to many people on the Iron Range, and most importantly because it is in their backyard, the northern Mesabi, Tower and Ely. There is no consensus backing of Polymet, and there is considerable concern over the EIS. If you don"t have concerns about the EIS, I suspect didn't read it very critically. 500 years of cleanup and an abysmal record of going bankrupt and sticking the taxpayer? For a maximum of 300 jobs for a...

giving Dayton the power to chop out any GOP excesses, assuming, of course, that any of them make it through the Senate.

Posted on 10/30/14 at 10:23 am in response to What if McFadden wins and Republicans take the Senate?

are impeachment and fast track for TPP. Both bad.

Posted on 10/22/14 at 02:10 pm in response to Why the DFL will lose the Minnesota House

What does he think the GOP's is? If it's anything beyond "Dem Bad, Me Good," I have yet to see or hear it.

Almost equally confusing, is that Schultz, after acknowledging what we all already know, that Democratic turnout during midterms is a primary cause of Democratic midterm losses, criticizes "cookie cutter" GOTV efforts. What, exactly, does he think led to the defeat of the Amendments? GOTV was a lot of it.

And beyond that, I wonder what exactly Schultz and co. see...

I wonder whether the 70/30 "rule" is why a good number of these neighborhood places have 1/2 price bottle of wine nights?

Posted on 10/10/14 at 02:12 pm in response to Minnesota malaise afflicts 2014 voters

Not that I have much faith in Gallup after their abominable performance in 2012, but it is interesting how they spin it as the "majority" thinking it will make things worse, when, in fact, the majority of independents and democrats think it will make things better or have no effect. The only group with a majority thinking it will be worse identify as republicans --- at what, maybe 28% max of the electorate?