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Madeline Anderson

St. Cloud, MN
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To the best of my knowledge, we still don't know whether the Mille Lacs Band will be paying property taxes on the hotels or whether they are exempt. Clarity on this issue, please. And if the Band will not be paying property taxes, what is the amount of lost revenue because of that?

Posted on 02/07/13 at 03:35 pm in response to Amy Koch media saga: Who did what and when

There is one big lesson for all concerned: Don't hire Ron Rosenbaum. He may have "clients," but his one overriding "client" is himself. Self-promotion is what drives him, and this sorry sad chain of events is ample evidence.

Posted on 06/18/12 at 10:47 pm in response to Local CEO prods peers to oppose marriage amendment

A really good MinnPost story might find out who did the screwing.

Where does Joe Mansky pull that $1.7 million number from? Thin air? What new equipment? [Except what he is proposing.]

It will NOT require more bodies at the polls to check IDs. A simple check by the person already checking off one's name is all that is needed.

The anti-voter ID crowd's scare tactics have become ridiculous.

And what a shame that Joe Mansky is allowing himself to be used by Democrats invoking money scare tactics. I thought the guy was above that.

What a waste of time and money in whatever Keri Miller is supposed to be doing. The reconfigured show is boring as all get out. Miller's ego -- while once insufferable -- is now boring. And that's saying something.

Dave Thompson is everything that's wrong with GOP politics. He would be a disaster as a leader. Unless that "sheltered, middle-aged white male kneejerk conservative" faction is larger than we thought.

Posted on 12/19/11 at 11:18 am in response to GOP operative Brodkorb leaves Parry campaign, too

Super weird that Strib story quoted Anderson, Peppin and Golnik. They are part of the problem. Almost as if Strib reporters got shopped "their story."

Posted on 12/19/11 at 09:36 am in response to Mayor R.T. Rybak gives Democratic response to GOP debate

Guess Rybak was too busy to worry about 3900 Target jobs leaving Minneapolis.

I write as a former Pawlenty supporter. He had no chance. Horrible track record in MN. Sure, he didn't raise taxes, but he offered zero on reform. He flip-flopped on climate change. He was and is the consummate finger in the wind politician. You could literally watch him calculating what would be the most politically expedient answer in debates. The second Pawlenty decided to run for president is the second he lost his soul. There was no there, there, anymore, and people could and did smell...

Like most "Rah, rah Minneapolis economic development" stories, this one is missing key facts.

Take the Global Market. How much money -- from all government sources -- did the whole project cost? Include the Sears Tower renovation, street reconfigurations, parking lots...all of it.

Then add the subsidies -- from all government sources -- that individual businesses have received.

Personal observations: The Global Market has seen many a business come and go; and I've never...