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Madeline Daniels

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Posted on 01/23/14 at 10:42 am in response to How do we keep the teachers we need?

While I necessarily disagree that teacher qualifications and their programs should be more competitive, I don't see what high school rank has to do with it. I had a terrible high school rank and graduated college with honors. All that matters is how a teacher performs in his or her specific program of study in college or graduate school.

I've always wondered why relevant experience isn't a qualification for a teaching career. I work with a lot of current and former Congressional...

I find it ironic you choose to quote Martin Niemöller. He was a pastor, anti-communist, and Nazi sympathizer when Hitler first rose to power. He ultimately became disillusioned and was arrested before being sent to two concentration camps. His popular quote highlights the dangers of political apathy.

I guarantee you that one day, same-sex marriage will be legal in this country. And that hard-fought victory will be met with celebration, relief, and acceptance. It's not going to happen...

Posted on 04/17/12 at 04:58 pm in response to If election held today, poll finds, Obama would win 51-44

Actually these polls are always done over land-line phone, so it skews against young adults and young households, which often get rid of land-line phones all together.

Posted on 03/14/12 at 08:52 pm in response to How MPR’s legal misadventure is driving up the cost of LRT line

I'm a frequent MinnPost reader, and absolutely love the content, but rarely comment. After reading the lede, I thought about logging in for the first time in a while to comment- it sounded like something from Gawker. By the time I got through the story, I was very disappointed by what seemed like unnecessary bias and sloppy reporting. This is not the MinnPost I know. When I got to the comments and realized that somehow I had skipped over the disclosure, I felt totally cheated by one of my...

Forgive me, but I am missing something here. HHS has defined contraception as preventive care, so must be covered without co-pay by ACA. Why is this legislation required at the state level?

Posted on 07/06/10 at 02:00 pm in response to Stop subsidizing sham colleges with public dollars

Elkins, St. Thomas and Capella University are both accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC), along with the University of Minnesota, Macalester College and many other schools in the region. Most for-profit schools with regional accreditation are accredited by HLC, which has recently been in the news for denying accreditation to a group of investors trying to purchase a failing private nonprofit school and turning it into a...