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Mark Rittmann

Warren, MN
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No, marriage is not defined by the desires of consenting adults. In fact desire has little to do with it; just ask someone married; desire comes and goes as the marriage suffers the effects of circumstance.

Marriage equality is about the state recognizing the commitment given by one to another. You could argue polyandry and polygamy involves the same commitment but real life shows that not true, Those who practice polygamy (think excommunicated Mormons) have a history of abuse....

Posted on 08/24/12 at 10:20 pm in response to Mitt in Minnesota: 'Big business doing fine'

I see that Mr Swift and Mr Tester have already contributed their party line. for Mr Tester's sake I would add that IBM, Monsanto, Apple, John Deer and many others comprise big business, and remind him the bail out began under Bush.

For Mr Swift, Reagan was affable and connected with the American people, he was by no means "cerebral". Cerebral and GOP might bring to mind Jack Kemp, or GHW Bush, who lacked Reagan's ability to connect with the population. But Reagan was not "cerebral"....

Posted on 07/28/12 at 12:27 am in response to Bill Clinton endorses Tarryl Clark

For all his personal faults Bill Clinton remains a strong Centrist Democrat leader and many in DFL respect it; you may not like him or his politics, but in DFL circles his endorsement has meaning. It positions Clark as one who has a Centrist philosophy. This makes it harder for Nolan and Anderson. Like Dayton, she may well grab the primary in spite of the DFL endorsement of her opponent. She has the money and now national backing to do so.

Posted on 07/13/12 at 04:12 pm in response to New federal highway bill: Truth and consequences for Minnesota

I regularly read Leonard Pits, Kathleen Parker, Clarence Page, Ms Harris,and others who provide attitude with their opinion. If you don't appreciate the presentation style, move on (goodbye George Will, unless he is writing about baseball).

Don't confuse news coverage (which should refrain from attitude and opinion with a column which should include both.

Posted on 07/09/12 at 10:40 pm in response to Northern counties battle deer-hunting 'mansions'

'it is well said in the old proverb, ‘a lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on’."
1859 C. H. Spurgeon

It is also attributed to Churchill and Twain, in variations.

Posted on 07/09/12 at 11:49 pm in response to The Romney universal hedge

Ron Gotzman... "Of course, Romney never served as a legislator and thus never took the “bold step” of voting “present” as did B. Obama as an Illinois State Legislator, hedging 129 times."

Voting "present" occurs in every state legislature, and is a political maneuver, it does not speak of any thing other than the politics of state legislators; to make a case that this means something, you will need to analyze the votes and the issues involved. Political maneuvering is what makes State...

Posted on 07/03/12 at 09:57 pm in response to What Kurt Bills wants to do to Obamacare (viewer discretion advised)

He supplanted Michele?

I've got to admit, he's right up there in the "who need facts when you can make stuff up" factor, and his ability to make outrageous statement seems a skill set well developed, but, he has a ways to go to reach "our favorite Congresswoman's level.

Come November it's Amy in a rout. I'm not saying, just saying.

Posted on 07/02/12 at 11:33 pm in response to Fewest abortions in Minnesota since record-keeping began

tends to follow Mr Tester in presenting GOP talking points, here with respect to woman's health and the availability of abortion services, Although he is less partisan in his approach.

He raises the typical GOP concerns, but he does so respectfully. His concerns need to be heard, and addressed, as they are representative of many in the GOP, and thus many who may influence policy.

I do not agree with him, and find his concerns a dissembling argument, but he presents them...

Posted on 06/19/12 at 12:14 am in response to KFAN’s Paul Allen takes sports blogging up a notch

This isn't about extending Sports coverage, it's about extending the personality brand, using blogs to extend the face value of a commentator.

PA is not simply a sports commentator, although his radio gig is mostly sports. Sports are simply the starting point.

The point about the lack of coordinated blogs is not about more sports coverage, it's about extending the presence of the commentator.

Check out the author's field, it is "marketing", not sports. his point is...

Posted on 05/03/12 at 09:57 pm in response to Yes, Faribault is a diverse community

I live in NW, MN.

Our small town (1500) consists of mostly Swede and Norwegian descendents, with a few German, Polish, and French Canadian, thrown in. It is the history of 19th century settlement.

Yet our small town has numerous Latinos (or Hispanics ). And a number of black (Afro -American), and Asian members.

This does not qualify as diversity, but these community members are seen as part of our community. There may be discriminatory views kept close to the vest, but...