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Mark Snyder

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Posted on 02/11/14 at 04:08 pm in response to Obamacare and the duty to work

We still have millions of Americans who are unemployed, many of them for an extended period. If Obamacare allows some people to retire or work less, that creates opportunities to employ more of the people who do want to work, doesn't it? Isn't that a good thing?

Posted on 01/28/14 at 02:32 pm in response to Ellison praises Obama decision to raise federal contractor minimum wage

"Liberals cite a study finding 2 million workers on federal contracts making less than $12 an hour."

Further details on that study are found in the Washington Post article that Devin Henry provided a link to:

"An estimated 2 million Americans work on federal contracts, though the number of workers receiving the minimum wage would be a fraction of that.

A survey by the National Employment Law Project of contractors who manufacture military uniforms, provide food and...

Posted on 01/22/14 at 04:12 pm in response to Few quick fixes for MNsure problems, Optum report finds

I'm sure this falls outside the scope of Optum's review, but I cannot help but wonder how many of the problems with MNSure could have been avoided if implementation hadn't been delayed for two years by a hostile Legislature?

Posted on 01/22/14 at 01:46 pm in response to Breaking down the Wolves’ fourth-quarter blues

I agree that Brewer has size deficiencies as a wing stopper, but what about Mbah a Moute? I've read he's got really bad hands, making him a minus on offense, but is he that much worse of a minus on offense than Brewer? I'm still shaking my head about how he couldn't even get off the bench when Brewer was getting absolutely abused by Rudy Gay last week.

Posted on 01/21/14 at 12:50 pm in response to Do MNsure's problems reflect bigger government workforce problems?

There's a definite need to re-examine how IT professionals (and other science/engineering/technical staff) are compensated. However, I cannot help but wonder how many of the problems with MNSure could have been avoided if implementation hadn't been delayed for two years by a hostile Legislature. Wouldn't that have provided a lot more time for the training and troubleshooting that reportedly did not take place?

Posted on 12/20/13 at 03:07 pm in response to Dorothy Day homeless center plans major expansion near downtown St. Paul

The future site of the "Opportunity/Connection Center" appears to be right on or awfully close to the Union Gospel Mission location on University Avenue and Lafayette Road. How do they fit into all of this?

Posted on 11/15/13 at 03:49 pm in response to Wolves barometer: Gauging the trends of NBA season thus far

I am trying to not to overreact to the small sample size that Hummel provided in his first NBA start on Wednesday, but seeing how well he played and the praise he received afterwards from Adelman and his teammates does give me hope that a wing combination of Martin/Brewer/Hummel can hold down the fort until Budinger returns, keeping Shved on the bench where he belongs.

I honestly wonder why Shabazz hasn't already been sent to the Iowa Energy squad yet as their season is about to get...

Posted on 11/12/13 at 02:44 pm in response to Timberwolves' starting lineup is one of the best in NBA

Barring a trade, I think the only option Adelman has in place of playing Shved is giving Price a try in the rotation. Pairing him with Shved would be a ridiculously short back court, but he did manage to play pretty decent minutes for the Wizards last season. Otherwise, realizing that with Shved completely overmatched, perhaps Price is a luxury they can't afford and they should waive him to bring Jeffers back if Budinger is going to be out much longer. He's coming up on six weeks now, right...

Posted on 11/13/13 at 12:00 pm in response to Timberwolves' starting lineup is one of the best in NBA

According to Jerry Z's latest article, Flip is hoping to get Bud back by Christmas, which is still six weeks/20 games away, including five more back-to-backs. Yikes.

I really think they either need to give Price a shot with Shved's minutes or waive him to bring in Jeffers or some other option on the wing. I think Shved could probably fill the role of PG who only plays in garbage time/emergency.

Has anyone thought to ask how Rochester Public Utilities, Shakopee Public Utilities, New Ulm Public Utilities or any of the other 50-some municipal utilities in Minnesota are doing? How do their rates compare to Xcel? How does their reliability compare to Xcel? Does running those services "dominate city government to the detriment of other city business?"

It's not like this would be completely uncharted territory if Minneapolis were to get into the power business. Plenty of other...