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Matt Bowers

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 12/02/13 at 02:48 pm in response to The case for Scott Walker

Three of our last five presidents have been governors. George Bush was the last governor to become president and his administration was an unmitigated disaster whose blunders will continue to cost us for years to come. Having experience as a governor does not guarantee a successful presidency.

Posted on 06/15/12 at 01:07 pm in response to Obama and Romney Ohio speeches: some thoughts

Or, it would be like 2008, when Bush and his backers blamed Clinton for the financial meltdown. Republicans still trot out "Clinton did it" whenever they run into a problem. So, yeah, since Republicans still blame Clinton twelve years after his presidency, Mr. Obama is well within his rights to blame Bush only four years later.

Posted on 06/01/12 at 01:23 pm in response to Should you be scared to go downtown? Not really

Why is this racist drivel being tolerated at MinnPost? I thought you had some standards--apparently, you have devolved into the comments section of the Pioneer Press. Thanks to Chuck for providing a list of places where we can avoid him.

Posted on 12/08/11 at 05:13 pm in response to Are Tea Partiers racists?

Conservatives see everyone as an individual? Please--what nonsense. If that were true, we would not be treated to all the generalities about "the Left" and "liberals" that Mr. Tester and Mr. Swift toss out on almost a daily basis.

As to the study about Tea Party folks--more nonsense. There is plenty of stupidity, hatred, and ignorance on all sides of the political spectrum. And that is a problem we all need to acknowledge and remedy.

Posted on 12/02/11 at 03:10 pm in response to Law firms struggle with recruiting and retaining minority lawyers

Mr. Tester provides an example of why it is difficult to recruit minorities of any employment classification in this area. He provides a factoid out of context and then proceeds to list a number of generalities that are the equivalent of "lazy and shiftless". And, of course, he will protest mightily that is not what he meant.