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Matthew Kilanowski

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It's really telling that when I entered "liquor store" into a Google search moments ago one of the top options on the auto-complete is "liquor store hudson wi". It's not because I've ever entered that into a search before, it's Google's servers knowing the local market. The weekend is approaching, and there will be more than a few Minnesotans crossing the border on Sunday to bring home a bottle or two.

But, in the absence of the LRT, the City of Minneapolis wants to put a streetcar down the Greenway and up Nicollet. In that scenario, we build rails in the Greenway AND the Kenilworth, but the kick in the pants is that the higher capacity LRT would go along the lower density wooded bike trail while the lower capacity streetcar would go through the higher density Uptown area.

Does. Not. Make. Sense.

Also, why do people keep insisting that we don't need transit upgrades because...

No offense to North Minneapolis residents, but I've heard them mentioned before and I have to ask: Why is it so important that the SOUTHWest line veer into North Minneapolis and bypass Uptown? Will the Bottineau Line make a swing into Uptown to fill the void?

It just feels like if people were to complain that 35E doesn't serve Minneapolis well enough.

I use the trails that will be affected by this, and I have to say... Amen! Bring the rails!

But now they've brought the deep-bore tunnel into play, and if they're willing to spend the big bucks on that they may as well put it under Nicellet or even Hennepin where it will serve more people.

LRT is not strictly a commuter service for getting in and out of downtown, it is for connecting larger urban nodes. Bypassing Uptown is a huge mistake. Maybe us Suburbanites aren't always heading to downtown.

And why are people screaming to preserve the Greenway when nary a peep is...

I still don't see how detouring the Southwest Line into North Minneapolis does any good when it's going to connect with the Northwest/Bottineau Line at the Interchange station in the future. Boom. One transfer, once all the lines are built out.

Sure, transfers now are a hassle, but as the route stands now people will have to transfer off the Southwest Line to get to a poppuar, populous southwest destination: Uptown. Not everyone is as willing as you or I to get off the train and...

Matt Brillhart, I think you nailed it. The 3C alignment not only serves more people, but it eliminates the high cost of both the freight rail realignment and the duplication of services... Minneapolis is planning a streetcar line on Nicollet in the absence of the light rail, so rails are being built there anyway.

The Star Tribune also reported that there was a plan to bore some tunnels for the light rail line as one of the ideas for colocation. At the point that they decide to bore a...

Posted on 03/07/12 at 11:38 pm in response to Can electronic pull-tabs pull in enough stadium revenue?

There's one more part of the tax structure that was left out: If a charitable gambling organization hits that top tax bracket, each month they need to pay an additional $10,000 flat fee on top of the 5.1%. The tax year runs from July-June, so if the hypothetical charity in the article hits that $900,000 mark in May, then they'll be paying an additional $10,000 for taxes in May and June.

That leaves only $29,000 for the charity, with $71,000 going to the state.

Posted on 03/08/12 at 11:05 pm in response to Can electronic pull-tabs pull in enough stadium revenue?

The worksheet you refer to is a monthly worksheet (it even says "Keep this worksheet to use when completing next month’s Worksheet E." at the top of the sheet), as charitable gambling organizations pay in to taxes every month. Once the $900,000 is hit for the fiscal year, the $10,000 fee is applied every month on top of the 5.1% tax on all income. As a board member of one of the smaller organizations that you speak of, it is indeed a challenge to deal with.

The Vikings won't accept this. If they own the stadium, then they would be required to pay property taxes. That cuts into their bottom line.