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Posted on 11/06/14 at 11:16 am in response to City secrets: For walkers and cyclists, shortcuts are indispensable

Mr. Brooks, tear down this wall.

Posted on 05/15/14 at 08:57 am in response to Will Metro Transit’s Green Line really replace 500 bus trips?

Once the trains are downtown they can only extend a light that's already green a few seconds to get through an intersection. If they approach a yellow or red, they must stop and wait out the entire cycle.

This is the plan for the entire Green Line route because traffic engineers are placing higher priority on auto traffic at the expense of train times. Both lines could have much faster travel times given full signal preemption which would only stop cars, at worst case scenario, once...

Posted on 08/27/12 at 05:50 pm in response to Let’s party — and redesign St. Paul’s Charles Avenue!

The Snelling Avenue median is an integral piece to this project and removing it
would destroy the integrity of Charles Avenue as a calmed street. The main
part of this project is to make Charles Avenue more friendly to non-motorists
by lowering the number of, and the speed of, motorists on Charles.

The medians that will block auto traffic while allowing bicycle and walking
traffic to pass through at major arterial crossings will prevent Charles from

Posted on 12/15/11 at 12:33 pm in response to Documenting changes for small businesses along light rail line

I understand the difficulties of getting through the construction period and I supported spending more on the project to further accommodate businesses struggling through construction. I also understand certain business owners not understanding how this project will benefit them when completed although they are mistaken in my evaluation. This project (although a lot of details could have been done better) will benefit the entire University Avenue corridor and is much more than a train to...

Posted on 11/29/11 at 06:57 pm in response to Stadium slapdown match features state Sen. Michel vs. Mayor Rybak

It looks like Sen. Geoff, R-Edina got slapped down by the Mayor. If someone (in this case the city of Minneapolis) has three options that means it has three options (rather than "none" as the Sen. suggested today) for the beggars (the Wilf suburban development brothers) who have their hands out in search of a subsidy.

And if Larry Spooner likes hanging out in a K-mart parking lot we already have one that needs to go at Nicollet and Lake adjacent to the site of the former Nicollet...

Posted on 11/16/11 at 07:17 pm in response to Obama administration to lawmakers: Work out a deal on St. Croix bridge

With all due respect to Senator Klobuchar, Central Corridor and Union Depot are actually good investments for the state--they are a part of expanding the network of infrastructure that will give people an option other than driving all the time to all destinations. The proposed St. Croix sprawl bridge is not a good investment as it will only serve to encourage more people to live further away from existing job centers and transportation infrastructure (outside of Minnesota as well, I might...

The players, staff, and execs could all take the SW line in from Winter Park on game day. If they really "need" a multi-million dollar parking lot for tailgaters the Vikes can self-finance one in Eden Prairie at Winter Park and the tailgaters can drive there and take the train for the game.

Wilf could even develop some hotels and restaurants around Winer Park where game day revelers could have a meal and then rent rooms to sleep it off before their drive home. I'm on board this...

Posted on 11/10/11 at 12:03 pm in response to Commuter options: You don't have to drive alone

It's a little ironic that U.S. Bank gets recognized for moving jobs from downtown to the suburban beltway where conditions are most hostile to biking, walking, and transit.

Posted on 10/27/11 at 09:36 am in response to Minneapolis bikers getting increased attention, new safety measures

In response to efforts to suppress the number of people riding bicycles for transportation by spreading unfounded and misleading safety concerns (see comment #20 by Jane Pattinson) if invite readers to view a very informative presentation by Mikael Colville-Andersen that outlines this bicycle suppression phenomena and reveals the truly dangerous mode of transportation: the supposedly safe automobile:


To help Bill with his understanding of how a union can help child care workers I will highlight the following quote from Doug's article:

"Additionally, though, they point out that they could help with such things as health care. At the least, unions argue, they could set up a large health care purchasing pool that would lower costs. Perhaps, in the case of AFSCME, those day-care operators even could end up on state employee programs, a thought that makes Republicans twitch. "