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Michael Friedman

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Posted on 03/07/14 at 03:54 pm in response to Lyndale & Franklin: New hope for a neglected intersection

It's obvious that the writer and the commenters have little information to work with besides what the developer says.

The issues ultimately will not be to build something or build nothing, or neighborhood vs. city interest. The project as proposed is not in the city's interest, just as the specifics of K-Mart on Nicollet was not in the city's interest 40 years ago even if the premise of desiring some big retail was correct.

A comment is not the space to provide developed...

The cameras are in use in other cities-- including in Minnesota (meaning the same data practices laws) --which of course have domestic abuse cases and children. So the argument about data policy is likely a smokescreen.

The choice presented to Mayoral candidates Samuels and Hodges is as follows. On one hand, a likely benefit (based on data from other cities) would be improving police-citizen interactions, reducing police misconduct, and proving police misconduct when it occurs for...

If there's money for tunnels, there's money to shift the Minneapolis stops to better serve its own residents. Abandon the Kenwood stop and go back to earlier options.

Posted on 10/09/13 at 11:34 am in response to Democracy of, by, and for the people … with money

The easy and creative solution is not to limit the amount a person can give but the amount a candidate can receive from all combined sources. If a donation is akin to free speech, receiving a donation is metaphorically equivalent to listening, and there's no constitutionally guaranteed right to listen.

Combine such a rule with a disclosure obligation and one can see if a candidate received donations from 2 Koch brothers or 100,000 AFSCME workers, but neither total would be unlimited...

Posted on 07/23/13 at 11:54 am in response to Schools are key to ending the devaluation of black life in America

Why suspend for truancy? Seems pretty insane on the surface -- and on a deeper level reflects the rigid Euro-religious culture we perpetuate that believes forgiveness for offenses is only earned by enduring punishment. Not at all an evidence-based practice for adolescents but that's a topic for another day. (I'm familiar with Mr. Westgard advocating for evidence-based approaches in other writing.)

But racism can reveal itself unintentionally. Why does Mr. Westgard imply that black...

The problem of trust about this investigation, and the lack of transparency about this tragedy to date, is that the City of Minneapolis has a conflicted role. The police department, a city agency, and all ethical city officials, should have a duty to investigate fully and without bias. However, as civil lawsuits against Minneapolis appear likely, and any such payouts or settlements would impact the budget, the City Attorney's office (the city agency obligated by professional rules to...

Posted on 04/24/13 at 03:24 pm in response to Speaker Steve Perry provokes heated exchange on education reform

Nordgren's MFT's proposal: "smaller class size, a focus on teaching not testing, before- and after-school wrap-around services for struggling students, hiring of a diversified workforce, building a strong family and community engagement partnership, time for teachers to adequately prepare high quality lessons for their students and providing a culturally relevant curriculum that addresses all areas of learning. These are just some of the things we believe will improve education and help...

Posted on 04/24/13 at 08:50 pm in response to Speaker Steve Perry provokes heated exchange on education reform

I understand how school vouchers could undermine public education. (That's not part of RESET.)
I do not understand why you think longer school days or real-time assessment destroys public education.
I do not understand why anyone would think that a Superintendent trying to learn and possibly borrow some methods from the few charter schools with a positive record destroys public education.
I understand that many in communities of color have positive feelings about their...

Posted on 04/18/13 at 12:12 pm in response to Trouble ahead: Justices’ rulings on gun rights raise thorny questions

Without comment on the pros vs. cons of gun ownership, this very informative series of articles suggests that those advocating gun control measures -- in states where that represents the will of the people -- should create legislation with a title like: The Connecticut Militia Act. The act can define the militia as all of the people of the state (with exceptions such as for age, mental health criteria, and past convictions, etc) and then set about to determine rules for what weapons the...

Posted on 04/16/13 at 10:30 am in response to The Second Amendment is a mess

As much as anything can be considered clear from the language of the amendment, the most reasonable interpretation would seem to be that the federal government should have no laws and regulations whatsoever about weaponry but the states can do whatever they want in regard to regulation, including complete restriction. If a democratically run state can't forbid weapons within its boundaries, one can hardly call it a "Free State." The principle that federal constitutional protections for...