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Mickey Dolan

Saint Paul, MN
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Posted on 12/21/11 at 06:50 pm in response to GOP senators to vote Tuesday on Amy Koch replacement

Dennis Tester
A sinful priest can definitely cause people to leave their faith. And shouldn't it?

After 12 years of Catholic education and being raised in a family that was very involved and engaged with the parish, I left the Church....I don't tolerate hypocrisy and Catholicism is all about it. Of eight children, only two remain in the Church...that is a reflection of how they treat children and women and gays. As a person who works to protect children, I find it...

Posted on 10/06/11 at 06:12 pm in response to President Sarah Palin? Not at this time

It is the DSM-IV-TR.
Mommy issues were so DSM-IV

Posted on 07/21/11 at 08:30 pm in response to Cravaack says move won’t affect how he interacts with constituents

An obvious question...How old are his children? If he is in DC and his wife is in Boston and the children are in New Hampshire, who is caring for them?

How in the world did this guy beat Jim Oberstar? It seems that JLO's campaign staff was as out of touch as the Congressman came across in the election.

I think that there should be a MinnPost Happy Hour featuring the regular MinnPost commenters. Will Lynot and Greg K and lots of others... It would be a blast...

Posted on 06/16/11 at 07:35 pm in response to GOP offers $200M for budget, but Dayton not impressed

I have never been so proud to be a Democrat. I am proud of my party and proud of my Governor. Stand of for the poor and the disadvantaged.

Posted on 04/25/11 at 06:27 pm in response to Voter ID issue advances at Capitol, but facts continue to get in the way

Does voter fraud occur only when Democrats win? In the last election, there are accusations of voter fraud but only in the Mark Dayton race. If there was voter fraud in the Governor's race, how did the Republican's win the State House and Senate? Were those results also fraudulent?

Mr Brausen
Thanks for the response...campaign talking points from a JLO staffer!!
I believe in Congressman Oberstar's transportation agenda but if I were unemployed and living in the 8th, I would wonder how " Future of Transportation" legislation would help me NOW. It's great to leave a legacy but it is also a great thing to be employed and able to provide for one's family.
Good luck with the campaign, I hope that the 8th can give you that desired 60%...

As a liberal Democrat, I would never vote for Mr Cravaack but this story makes me wonder when is it time for a member of Congress to retire? Thirty six years is a long time to be living away from your district and the world has changed so much in those years. Isn't there a young Democrat in the the 8th Congressional District who would make a great member of Congress? Maybe someone who is pro choice? I wonder what motivates Mr Oberstar to remain in Congress - a drive to serve his...

Posted on 07/02/09 at 03:55 pm in response to Rush Limbaugh: Minnesota's election system is like Iran's

I am not sure that the number of listeners has anything to do with what is the truth.

And was Dave Thompson actually critical of Limbaugh? interesting development

Posted on 07/02/09 at 04:43 pm in response to New state GOP leaders look to the future

"Why not just mail the keys to your home to Obama's Department Of Taking Control Of Your Life?"

Haven't the Republicans advocated this position? Women's rights, Gay seems that you can't have it both ways...The Republican Party knows best in social issues....Seriously?