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Mike Kluznik

Mendota Heights, MN
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Posted on 09/26/12 at 11:49 am in response to Marriage amendment supporters put up 25 billboards in urban areas

I saw one of these billboards yesterday near the I-494 bridge that crosses the Misssissippi in South St. Paul. The billboard is paid for by a group that wants to define marriage as between one man and one woman. The great irony is that until the end of the Civil War, black slaves couldn't get married. As slaves, the bride & groom would go through a ceremony which included "jumping the broom." The slave couple would lay down a broom (often in a doorway), hold hands and literally jump...

Posted on 11/03/10 at 10:33 pm in response to GOP's saber-rattling Tony Sutton vows aggressive recount fight

John Candy, aka Tony Sutton, is a typical Republican bully. Call his bluff. Sic the Republican MN Supreme Court on him, like Franken did.

OMG. The reason Betty turned her head during the pledge of allegiance was because somewhere during the pledge, she realized that her back was facing the flag. At that point, she turned and faced the flag. Ever since then, rules in House of Reps have explained how to lead the pledge.
The right-wingers somehow got hold of Betty's video.

Posted on 10/22/10 at 11:25 pm in response to Battle over education: Michelle Rhee, Tim Pawlenty and teacher unions

Japan, Finland, Israel and a number of European countries have teacher unions. If the U.S. all of a sudden gets rid of the latter, students will all of a sudden realize higher academic achievement levels? Shazzam, shazzam!

Posted on 06/02/10 at 09:28 am in response to Upcoming bike festival says a lot about Minnesota

Biking events like this one prove we don't need no stinkin' stadiums.

The number of trendy programs that have been introduced into the schools is amazing: Back to the Basics, Outcome Based Education (OBE), Profile of Learning, Assertive Discipline, Glasser's "Quality Circles," Synthetic Phonics, language-based math, New Math, Whole Language approach to reading which includes inventive spelling, Open Schools, Modular Scheduling, dropping letter grades for other forms of student evaluation, etc. And that's just a partial list. My, my but It's hard to keep up...

America has a long tradition of anti-intellectualism. Political leaders from Wisconsin's Sen. Joe McCarthy to Alabama's segregationist Gov. George Wallace back in the 60s to Alaska's half-term Gov. Sarah Palin have reveled in their collective ignorance. 2000-1008 witnessed the most intellectually incurious president since Harding and Coolidge. TV was termed a "...vast, intellectual waste-land..." by a famous commentator several decades ago. Turn on your TV for five minutes; the...

I don't know much about the Minneapolis School system. I grew up in St. Paul and attended an inner city elementary school there. I never had a poor teacher until I attended one of the city's high schools when I opted out of the gifted classes to be with my friends in the regular classes. That's when I got assigned to a history class taught by the hockey coach. He was a very good hockey coach but a horrible teacher. I opted back into the gifted classes in my senior year and was once...

So Chief Justice Magnuson is a former law partner of Pawlenty's. Magnuson didn't have any judicial experience before Pawlenty appointed him to the highest position in the MN Supreme Court, only to have the judge rule against the guv. Pawlenty claims the court misinterpreted the state constitution. I think the court made the right decision, but if Pawlenty is correct in his assessment of the ruling, he's probably kicking himself for not appointing someone with more experience to head the...

Swift says Pawlenty is a strong leader...huh? I heard Pawlenty at his press conference that occurred after the ruling was handed down. He sounded like a kid telling the teacher, "My dog ate my homework." Come on, T-Paw. Man up. Whining that he might now have to defer to Ramsey County judge Kathleen Gearin (sp?) on specific budget matters is ridiculous. In his news conference, Pawlenty went onto say that he disagreed with the decision, that he had a plan that had already been submitted...