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Mike Schumann

St. Paul, MN
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From a public policy perspective, why do we want to increase liquor sales? Personally, it doesn't sound like a bad idea to have one day a week for people to sober up.

It's strange to see the government leading the charge to change the existing Sunday blue laws, when the liquor industry is just fine with being closed on Sundays.

I own a small business. I like to maximize my sales and profits. But I also value some time off. You need to have some balance in your life. It's...

Posted on 12/19/14 at 11:41 am in response to Pressure mounting on legislators to fix Minnesota sex offender program

If the state wants to lock up sex offenders for life, the way to do that is to increase the penalties for the offenses to say that.

Locking up people after they have served their time for some kind of pretend treatment is patently unconstitutional.

Posted on 12/12/14 at 03:00 pm in response to Some painful truths about Minneapolis Public Schools' academic progress

Landscapers and Snow Plow Drivers need post-secondary education???? This is the mentality that is letting our public schools off the hook.

When I graduated from High School in 1969, half of my classmates got half way decent jobs as secretaries or entry level jobs in the trades or manufacturing without any further education. These jobs have not fundamentally changed over the last 40 years. What has changed is that kids coming out of high school no longer have the skills that they...

Posted on 12/11/14 at 02:34 pm in response to What kind of parking policy is good for downtown St. Paul?

Many years ago, Daytons permitted free parking after 4PM in their downtown St. Paul ramp. My wife and I used to shop there frequently.

They subsequently changed the policy to validated parking, requiring you to make a purchase to get free parking. Once that change too effect, we never went downtown again.

I am firmly convinced that this was the straw that broke the camel's back and started the slow decline of not only Daytons, but City Center and the other downtown businesses...

Posted on 12/14/14 at 09:02 am in response to What kind of parking policy is good for downtown St. Paul?

There is a very important distinction between free and validated parking. If you are going to a restaurant, you know you are going to make a purchase, so validated parking is not a problem. However, if you are going shopping, you don't know if you are going to make a purchase, so there is a VERY big difference between free and validated parking.

If you have the choice of going downtown and getting validated parking, where you face the risk of a significant parking cost penalty if...

Rewarding the child for performance is the key that no one has tried. How about handing out $5 bills for perfect attendance in a month for starters? The same goes for improvements in test scores (use improvement, not absolute scores, so that the rewards are achievable by kids who are behind).

If nothing else, the kids would learn that in the real world, you get paid to perform. That is a HUGE lesson that they need to comprehend if they are going to be successful once they are part...

Ideally, all city workers should be residents, not just police officers. This obviously needs to be somewhat flexible. However there should be some kind of incentive, either financial, seniority, or otherwise to encourage public sector employees to live where they work, so that they actually have the opportunity to experience the fruits of their labors, like the rest of us.

Posted on 11/25/14 at 05:19 pm in response to In latest push for Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota, a new strategy

What's wrong with being closed on Sundays? Why do we have to have retail stores open 24/7? Is it really a good thing that we now have Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving? Same thing applies to Liquor Sales. If you run out of booze on Sunday morning, maybe it would be a good time to reflect on whether you are drinking too much.

Posted on 11/30/14 at 10:18 am in response to In latest push for Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota, a new strategy

There is a tendency to believe that free enterprise is naturally good and that government regulation is bad. The reality is that sometimes, unrestrained free enterprise generates a race to the bottom that doesn't benefit anyone, either the consumer or the business owner.

A good example is selling cars on Sundays. The vast majority of car dealers like the current prohibition of sales on Sundays. They get one day off, plus they save the overhead of heat, manpower, etc. If this law...

A bigger question is why the State Department is involved in Pipeline environmental reviews at all? That's a sign of how screwed up our government has become. The State Department should focus on foreign affairs. There should only be one agency that deals with pipeline safety and environmental reviews, regardless of where these lines run.