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Michael Hess

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Posted on 12/08/14 at 07:04 pm in response to Minneapolis to see fee hike for citywide organic-waste recycling program

Fees start Jan 1. Many won't even get the service for 18 months. Substantial startup costs for another fleet of trucks. But no phasing in of the fees! Even if you wanted to use it you get to pay but its not available.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 04:30 pm in response to Hubbard defends KSTP-TV's Hodges story after SPJ seeks disavowal

Hubbard references the emails to the mayors office and says the spokesperson "claimed not to understand the story". if you read the emails available here you see why. The start is very much "she flashed gang signs I...

Posted on 11/19/14 at 12:20 pm in response to How the Minnesota Orchestra got its mojo back

The musicians held together well during the lockout and through their performances and cohesion kept something special in place. With the return of Osmo they got a huge boost. Likewise, the elimination of the toxic 3 from the board/exec office, plus other less supportive board members has likely cleared the deck for the culture to continue to improve.

Posted on 11/18/14 at 11:53 am in response to Why some politicians extend public service to the nonprofit arena

Former politicians can leverage some public awareness and their network in the government and private sector to help their nonprofit. I think the transition makes a lot of sense.

It's ironic though that the article didn't mention the other flavor, that of politicians who serve on the boards of these nonprofits - where we just saw with Community Action of Minneapolis politicans like Congressman Keith Ellison, State Senator Jeffrey Hayden, Minneapolis City Council president Barbara...

Posted on 11/13/14 at 10:15 am in response to Council vents frustration over inattention to North Minneapolis

Was it lack of attention or lack of progress? Seemed Iike more frustration was lack of impact of prior efforts.

McConnell has an opportunity to roll-back the dictatorial Senate majority management style of Harry Reid and show voters in 2016 that Republicans can be grown ups. It is their opportunity to loose.

Posted on 10/30/14 at 10:21 am in response to The Met Council problem: regionalism

the point of the article seems to be that the Met Council has strayed from it's charter of coordinating regional services like transit and sewers to directing local municipalities on how they should develop themselves. It's a transition from supporting the region to directing the region. As most of the comment here suggest, there should be value in a regional approach to things like transit. But when cities and towns are given mandated targets for affordable housing, or told how to zone...

Posted on 10/27/14 at 04:07 pm in response to About those MNsure weighted rate increases

As we learned last year it can be painful for people to switch plans, which often (especially for the lower cost ACA plans include narrow networks) require you to switch providers. Note I am not saying always, there is no guarantee you'd have to switch but the odds are much higher that if you change plans you'd have to change providers than if you stay with the plan. So yes the weighted average is actually relevant and more relevant than an unweighted average. But you want to go that...

Posted on 10/27/14 at 07:48 am in response to KSTP-TV meteorologist Ken Barlow reflects on life with bipolar disorder

I was unaware until I read this article that Ken Barlow suffered from Bipolar disorder. I guess I've been under a rock or something. I have always appreciated his on-screen presence and enjoyed his broadcasts, and now it seems he's adding even more to the community with this public outreach. Thanks to Ken for helping those with mental health issues feel less isolated and less ashamed - and hopefully to lead them to better outcomes.

The author is simply reporting the rate increases with more granularity than the state and the Governor did and pointing out that the average of averages isn't helpful. There are no extensive qualifications required to do (pretty simple) math like this. The author doesn't veer in to an ACA pro or con, or make any judgement about the appropriateness of the rate increases. Your reply suggests an unreasonable sensitivity around the topic as though anything that could be considered negative...