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Posted on 01/20/15 at 08:57 am in response to Q&A: What Tom Emmer wants for Minnesota businesses

A lot of the comments her are taking Emmer to task for talking about business and not the general population, citizens. The title of the article is "Q&A: What Tom Emmer wants for Minnesota businesses".

The description is that it's an edited summary of a longer interview. you don't know from this if MinnPost conducted a long interview and just distilled down the business related questions or if the interview was from the start targeted. It's not like the interview starts...

Posted on 01/16/15 at 10:14 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Chipotle doesn't say there is a pork shortage. They say THEY have a pork shortage because of a problem in their supply chain. If they have a set number of suppliers and one of those suppliers is no longer available, they are out for a while. You may take issue with their criteria for a supplier and maybe you think they could be back on the menu faster than they will in the end, but that's their business decision to make.

Thanks to the authors here who are really a force to be reckoned with as the energy behind two critical audience and community advocacy groups. We are all in your debt for your relentless support of a fair and quality focused resolution to the management lockout. We are as you say in a much better place as a community now, with work remaining, but a new alignment of purpose across the stakeholders is a great change.

The blood thining/anticoagulant example is not the best. The new agents have a different mechanism than Warfarin. They may be better for some patients where they lift dietary restrictions and the need for close monitoring (which is another cost of caring for a patient on Warfarin, manning a coumadin clinic, not counted in the pill price). Note - may be, they are not needed for everyone. and as the article below states if you are successfull managed on Warfarin there may be no need to...

Posted on 01/06/15 at 03:29 pm in response to Teen's computer-privacy tussle with his Wayzata school goes viral

People are focusing on a very narrow area of data collection. Yes the district could track where on the web the IPAD went an as a public eductional tool that doesn't seem unreasonable. But what if it's reporting how long students spend studying in different subjects? or what time of day they study? or where the tablet GPS says they were? What if you go in for a parent teacher conference and they give you a report that your student is in the bottom 10th percentile for out of class ipad...

Posted on 12/29/14 at 03:38 am in response to The 6 most intriguing congressional stories of 2014

The article says Democrats tried their best to pass legislation as though it was some valliant effort. There was a staggering lack of bipartisanship from Democrats and Republicans, I'd argue reaching across the aisle instead of how Harry Reid ran the Senate would have been 'their best'.

Posted on 01/01/15 at 10:22 pm in response to The 6 most intriguing congressional stories of 2014

there is no reason to assume that a change in the Senate will unclog some logjam. As I said neither republicans or democrats have demonstrated bipartisanship and there is sadly no reason to think it will change now. With posturing before the 2016 election and candidates pandering to their extreme wings compromise will be hard to come by.

Obviously your reply is sarcasm but choosing to blame just the Republicans ignores the guilt of the Democrats in this unproductive divisive...

Posted on 01/03/15 at 09:20 am in response to The 6 most intriguing congressional stories of 2014

When Harry Ried takes up without allowing changes only Democratic "pet" bills and Democratic "Social Engineering" and refuses to allow votes on anything else, yes that's a Democratic problem. Politics requires compromise and negotiation. Face it there are no innocent victims on either side of the aisle here, both parties have screwed this up and until the center is restored we'll likely have more of the same. Blaming only Republicans is naive.

Posted on 12/22/14 at 02:23 pm in response to In Minnesota, the discipline gap isn't only an urban problem

Until we see this discipline data cut by other demographics like socio-economic factors (poverty, type of family status) and child gender, it's not clear if this focus on race is addressing the real factor driving a difference. There is also an assumption that all students are misbehaving the same way at the same rate and it's only the discipline that is being imposed unevenly. There isn't any evidence to back that up, either.

Posted on 12/08/14 at 07:04 pm in response to Minneapolis to see fee hike for citywide organic-waste recycling program

Fees start Jan 1. Many won't even get the service for 18 months. Substantial startup costs for another fleet of trucks. But no phasing in of the fees! Even if you wanted to use it you get to pay but its not available.