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The author is simply reporting the rate increases with more granularity than the state and the Governor did and pointing out that the average of averages isn't helpful. There are no extensive qualifications required to do (pretty simple) math like this. The author doesn't veer in to an ACA pro or con, or make any judgement about the appropriateness of the rate increases. Your reply suggests an unreasonable sensitivity around the topic as though anything that could be considered negative...

Congrats to the whole organization for the progress they are making to move past the Henson/Davis/Campbell era. What a difference leadership makes.

All the proposals I have seen would require the tipped servers to make at least $12/hr with tips included well above the minimum floor. Also a citation in the Minnesota Daily recently as a "2012 MNRA Survey" said the average houlry wage for server in the Twin Cities was $22/hr. Thats a lot more than the claimed $9.32 statewide median - and why cite median anyway vs the average? $22 is also a lot more consistent with the other reports of tipped employee take home pay. Lastly the article...

Posted on 07/30/14 at 10:07 am in response to Inspired to act during orchestra lockout, young musicians bloom

Thank you for profiling this great group and its young leaders. Very encouraging for what they will accomplish in the future!

It's clear that Mr Black won't be voting McFadden and doesn't think anyone else should either but this singleminded focus on creating articles that put the candidate in a negative light and corresponding articles boosting the performance of Sen Franken in office is getting a little tired. By all means go after the candidates and their positions on the issues but at least try to be consistent.

Posted on 07/23/14 at 01:26 pm in response to Minneapolis begins to see the benefits of 'granny flats'

I like the idea of legalizing these type of residences providing they fit - so just like any change to the code the city would need to ensure the lot was big enough to support another residence and it's integration to the lot fit. For example with the 2 story garages we now allowed to build you need to match roof pitch and exterior material to your house. If this works for you great, if not, well build a normal garage.

I think it's a mistake to assume the experience in Philips is...

I seem to recall in interviews and full page newspaper ads that the Minnesota Orchestra viewed the amount of financial cuts to be achieved from the musicians as non negotiable - as in it didn't matter if they slashed salary or benefits as long as they got to the same bottom line. This was during the management initiated lockout. And somehow it was the musicians that didn't negotiate? I also thought the world class negotiator that they brought on proposed a negotiated return to work...

Posted on 06/04/14 at 07:15 am in response to College paves a path to prosperity and stability

Nothing in this article absolves prospective students from exercising common sense when picking a degree with which they can be successful or choosing a school they can afford. To cite the existence if exceptions to this behavior as evidence a 4 year degree is not more valuable is a weak argument.

Posted on 05/28/14 at 02:10 pm in response to Minnesota transportation advocates woo business after 2014’s failure

Richard Davis did not 'work on' the Minnesota Orchestra lockout with the Governor- he caused it. It was his strategy which he defends in retrospect. To paint him as some kind of Minnesota problem solver when the first problem you cite is one he is primarily responsible to have caused is very misleading.

The idea of a gag rule seems like a technique you need when you know what is being offered is obviously superior to the incumbent offering, like handicapping a horse race.

It does seem this session has become dominated by special interests spats. Senate office building, growlers, this education stuff... It would be nice to get back to what citizens really want and not just who holds the key to DFL election fundraising.