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Molly Priesmeyer

Minneapolis, MN
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Perhaps a more accurate question to be asked is not about Brewer himself or his motivation/reflection, but why a story like this is important for the PiPress and why it was one of the most-read stories over the weekend.

Are newspapers in the business solely to generate page views they can pass on to their advertisers? And are reporters then forced to come up with some sort of narrative that fits that agenda?

McDonald's has sold tens of billions of burgers. It doesn't mean they...

Posted on 04/07/09 at 01:10 pm in response to Daily Glean: Home foreclosure issue: Bachmann vs. Ellison

One minor correction: Bachmann's district doesn't have the most foreclosures, but the highest foreclosure rate. Two different things.

I actually wrote about this very same thing back at MnIndy, ironically, in October, using the exact same date.


Great article, Doug. The speculators, and the lack of a city plan for combating them, is a major piece of the story that continues to get ignored.

However, while a big part of the greed puzzle that caused this mess, speculators weren't the biggest problem in Central and North Minneapolis. Both of these neighborhoods were targets of reverse redlining by financial institutions, which is evidenced by the disproportionately high number of subprime loans in those areas. And let's not...

Posted on 02/27/09 at 07:54 pm in response to Out of the cold: How stimulus package helps Minnesota's rural families

Great story. Thanks for putting this into context and hunting down all of those eye-popping facts and figures about the benefits of weatherization programs.

Great story, Mike. I was just remarking to a friend that this was the first winter I didn't see ribbons of water between the sheets of ice on the Mississippi. Neither of us could conclude why, and I vowed to "come home and research it." That was yesterday afternoon, so your article came as a very pleasant surprise. Needless to say, neither of us suspected cleaner energy was the culprit.

Posted on 11/11/08 at 11:47 am in response to Robson, Birkey gone in Minnesota Independent cutbacks

In journalism, just as every other platform, there is a difference between a progressive and a Democrat. One is an ideology, one is a party. And one is a party hack, the other is a journalist who believes in truth and accountability.

Posted on 11/10/08 at 07:06 pm in response to Robson, Birkey gone in Minnesota Independent cutbacks

I agree with Robson. The worst part is that they touted creating a sustainable news site, one that lasted well beyond the election and focused on local news and issues. Not only do I feel disappointed, I feel cheated.

I feel like we were hired to be nothing more than shills for their platform under the guise of a mission focused on creating journalism that was "independent" and for the "common good." If I had been told I was a shill for the Democrats, I never would've written for the...

Posted on 10/02/08 at 04:06 pm in response to Palin's self-described feminism turns off some conservative women

Really? Is it time for another story about how there are people who believe the earth is flat, too?

Posted on 09/26/08 at 01:32 pm in response to 'Stay Out of Jail Free': a closer look at RNC embedding

I agree with Chuck. It's offensive, and quite honestly, lazy thinking, to assume that being embedded with those in power is he same as being "embedded" with those who aren't. And for purposes of reality here, being embedding with protesters/anarchists really means following a story versus following a group that has been groomed for media monitoring.

Do you think that it's not a problem to be embedded with a military-approved battalion in Iraq? And do you justify a PR stunt like that...

Posted on 08/27/08 at 01:23 pm in response to State Fair caption contest #2: Elephant jumping

Trainer: "Hey there, elephant. How 'bout I get you to wear a real cute hat or tutu, wave with your trunk, and lift one foot whenever I tell ya to?"

Elephant: "When trucks fly, you jerk!"