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Monte Bute

Woodbury, MN
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Posted on 02/11/13 at 10:29 am in response to Karma's knife-twist: I have to take freshman comp

Hi David,
Just to reassure you, others have died before completing this crisis of the middle ages. I had taught at colleges and universities for nine years before genuflecting low enough to get a B.A. and an M.A. Perhaps you may end up a journalism prof in your old age--no longer capable of constructing a zippy punchline. See David Denby's, New Yorker film critic, tale of returning to Columbia--"Great Books." For some late night reading, here is a twisted tale of an unconventional...

Posted on 09/29/08 at 10:24 am in response to Who's a 'likely voter'? That's a tricky question for pollsters this year

This is an outstanding piece of public journalism that deserves wide circulation. Even well-informed citizens tend not to use their interpretative powers to put the polls headlines into context.
Thanks for providing readers with a handy little primer.