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Mike Worcester

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Posted on 10/30/14 at 12:06 pm in response to What if McFadden wins and Republicans take the Senate?

In 1995, when Republicans took over control of both chambers, they promised to focus on issues vital to the American family and consumer. Instead we got a failed vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment and impeachment.

In 2011 when Republicans captured control of the U.S. House, Speaker Boehner promised to focus on the economy and "jobs, jobs, jobs!" Instead we got vote after pointless vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and social issues legislation.

What's to think that 2015...

Posted on 10/24/14 at 04:08 pm in response to The crowded, predictable, mostly invisible race for attorney general

I will submit that AG Swanson has been an effective protector of the people of Minnesota in so many ways never reported upon. One should not have to have their face splashed on the news each day to be considered effective in their job.

While I won't be casting my vote for her as a candidate, state statute had defined the IP as a Major Party. To use polling numbers as a barrier for inclusion to a candidate forum shows a near cavalier disregard for our laws which determine who can be called a major party. Of course, those same laws cannot force candidate forum inclusion.

If I may, consider also Into The Music, which plays every Sunday evening on KVSC-FM, the St. Cloud State University station. Each week features a different artist from across the various music genres. Can be heard online for you city folks who cannot get the signal at 88.1

From the station's web site:
Into the Music highlights the most important artists, events, trends, twists of fate and technology that led to the sound evolution of 20th century music. The series is an...

Posted on 10/22/14 at 03:43 pm in response to Why the DFL will lose the Minnesota House

This might get me in some trouble on here; today's Strib lte's featured a nice, succinct, and easy to understand list of what the state DFL could tout as accomplishments.

• A balanced budget and all money borrowed from the education fund repaid.

• $150 million transferred to the state budget reserve, increasing the reserve for the first time in 13 years and bringing it to its highest level in state history ($811 million).

• Fully funded all-day kindergarten.

• $54...

Posted on 10/14/14 at 12:36 am in response to Our odd primary system — and its odd results

For sake of argument, let's ponder this:

In some respects we already do have a national I.D. system -- the Social Security number. Or as pals of mine on both sides of the spectrum like to call it, the National Government Tracking Number.

If a photo component was added to that number, could that be considered a national i.d., which could be used no matter where one traveled? Of course, one would have to have the photo updated periodically. After all, for example, I really do...

Posted on 10/09/14 at 11:53 am in response to Dayton uses debate to propose increasing gas tax

1. Folks are driving less.
2. They are also driving more fuel efficient vehicles. (Two years ago I upgraded to one that gets on average 10 mpg better than its predecessor.).
3. Construction / maintenance costs keep going up.
This is the reality faced by those who try to maintain our transportation infrastructure

A five year time frame where the gas tax/user fee goes up 2 pennies per annum would help and likely not even be noticed by drivers who face near daily...

Posted on 10/09/14 at 08:23 am in response to When MnSCU sneezes, the campuses catch cold

As someone who was a student during the so-called discussion about creating this merger, it was obvious from the start that those who wanted this to happen would do all they could to make it happen. It did not matter the protestations of those who would be impacted, our voices were never heard.

For all the good former state senator Roger Moe did for Minnesota, I would submit this was not one of them.

Posted on 10/02/14 at 12:02 pm in response to Tame Dayton-Johnson debate focuses on small-bore issues

"Newcomer Nicollet, a former software developer, has not been invited to join the next four debates."

Why is that? The Independence Party is listed as a major party under state election rules. In 2010 their candidate received 12% of the vote.

If we are going to confer major status on a political party, why then exclude them from being a part of the educational process that will allow voters to make an informed choice?

Seems a bit unfair.

Posted on 10/02/14 at 12:10 pm in response to McFadden gets early endorsement from Forum newspaper chain

The same Strib that in 2008 endorsed Norm Coleman for U.S. Senator over Al Franken? Matter of fact, nearly all of the papers in Minnesota that do endorsements chose Coleman over Franken.

The article linked in the right side of this page has the complete run-down.