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Mike Worcester

Cokato, Minnesota
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Franken's showbiz background was discussed at great length, especially during his endorsement race, where some of his SNL writing were used against him by his opponents. (Remember the whole "rape is funny" debate?) In the general there was certainly an attempt, but it had little effect.

Posted on 09/02/14 at 11:21 am in response to Manufacturers find their niche, in the smallest of places

If you are looking for businesses to profile, I would recommend Cowgirl Tuff, in Cokato. They started in a farm out-building, and now have a state-of-the art manufacturing facility and sell their jeans and outerwear all over the country.

Posted on 08/26/14 at 11:23 am in response to What it meant to be 'progressive' in turn-of-the-century Minnesota

Those interested in learning more about the Progressive era in Minnesota would be well served to read two books by the late Carl Chrislock:
Progressive Era in Minnesota 1899-1918


Watchdog of Loyalty: The Minnesota Commission of Public Safety During World War I.

The latter shows how the Commission was more than just a vehicle to "manage the war effort". Its purpose was to squelch dissent, enforce a strict code of pro-Americanism, and root out those it...

Posted on 07/31/14 at 12:35 pm in response to Style wars: it's not policy differences defining GOP governor candidates

Identifying Rep. Seifert as a "populist" seems a stretch. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is often called that. So is author/commentator Pat Buchannan. Are those three all of the same political and economic mindset? I think not.

John Emerson penned a terrific article in last November's Counter Punch magazine about the history of populism, showing that it's true definition is slippery at best and depended on what time period we are referencing and whom we are identifying as such....

Posted on 07/24/14 at 12:30 pm in response to Larry Sabato upgrades his rating of McFadden's chances

With the exception of Amy Kloubachar in 2010, when is the last time a U.S. Senate candidate in Minnesota won with more than 50% of the vote? Not Franken. Not Coleman. Not Dayton. A good number of our recent statewide elections have seen winners with less than 50%. So would it not make sense that rating this race as an easy win for the incumbent a bit premature?

Travel across rural Minnesota and one would have known when the next town was coming up as the community water tower reared its peak above the horizon line. Many of those steel towers with pointed tops looked strikingly similar, and were commonly known as "tin man" towers. They typically held around 55,000 gallons.

Unfortunately so many of them have since been demolished due to the costs of lead paint abatement. More cost effective to erect a 200,000 gallon tower than pay the cost...

Posted on 07/23/14 at 02:34 pm in response to Zellers reiterates his 'No Tax Increase' pledge in GOP governor's race

Can Rep. Zellers also claim he won't raise any other fees, assessments or what ever other euphemism is often substituted for a "tax" increase? For example, former-Gov. Pawlenty's "health Impact fee" that was a cigarette tax increase by any other name.

Posted on 06/26/14 at 03:51 pm in response to National Journal calls Minnesota Senate campaign 'a sleeper race'

That Sen. Franken's re-election race will be close? Despite Sen. Kloubachar's romp in 2012, Minnesota is not a sold blue state like Massachusetts or Rhode Island or Hawaii. Whomever wins will likely do so with less than 50% of the vote, which will be in keeping with many past statewide races in the last two decades.

Yes I understand that they can, and that the Republicans do, though not the Democrats. So my question is this -- are endorsements for judicial positions which are supposed to be non-partisan, a good idea? I have yet to hear one that makes any cogent sense.

Posted on 06/16/14 at 11:25 pm in response to Making Green Line history: 'This is really smooth, really user-friendly'

and see how the ridership is holding up and the running times are holding up and see how that compares to the estimates developed before the opening of the line.

The Hiawatha/Blue Line exceeded ridership by significant amounts (