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Posted on 11/03/13 at 10:20 am in response to Some casual observations on growing old

"Eighty year old body" reminds me of the elderly woman who said to her younger male companion: "you know, I may be older, but I have the body of a twenty year old."

To which the companion said: "Well then, you better give it back to her, you're getting it all wrinkled."

Posted on 11/05/13 at 11:20 am in response to Some casual observations on growing old

If you check actuarial tables at ANY age, there is always some years left -- even at 99. Given that, I am not yet prepared to"think about the end".

Posted on 10/26/13 at 09:50 am in response to Taking pride in Minnesota's performance

As a third generation Minnesotan recently moved to California, my friend out here have become tired of hearing me praise my native state -- so much so that I have agreed to refrain. Yet, I am a Minnesotan at heart, and for good reason(s). Minnesota is a hidden gem in the world of business with something like 20 Fortune 500 companies in the state. Despite losses in recent years we remain tops or high in education, health care, worker training and effectiveness, and certainly in innovation....

Posted on 09/30/13 at 11:51 am in response to Why conservative vitriol against Obama goes over the top

gives us hope. But even more importantly, we have seen this phenomenum arise before in our history from the Chinese immigration of thee 1800's to that of the Eastern European immigrants of the early 1900's -- and those gave us some of the richest cultural and social values of our country. Yes, this too shall pass, and America will still be a great and diverse nation in the future regardless of color and ethnicity.

Posted on 09/30/13 at 04:25 pm in response to Why conservative vitriol against Obama goes over the top

What is more important is that those who are literally beating on Obama are not only (probably) misguided, they have no perspective of judgement. Indeed, judging a president is usually best done well after he has left office, with some historical perspective. My best example is Truman, roundly criticized while president, yet is highly regarded now for his integrity and adminstration.

This will be true of Obama. IN fact, re his foreign policy -- he took us out of Iraq...he is removing...

Posted on 08/03/13 at 09:01 am in response to Three violent issues — one potential solution

As a quick follow up to incarceration rates, yesterday the California courts (where I presently live), ordered the release of 9000 prisoners due to overcrowding and "inhumane" conditions. The goal of the courts is to have the population 137% of what is normal or desirable. 137%. It really is time to revsit our drug laws, sentencing guidelines, and treatment/rehab possibilities. Also of note, at the present time there are a number of countries doing just that.

One of the best and most succinct descriptions of what really grows our economy, and makes Minnesota the strong state it is for business development. As a business owner myself for over 50 years, if you were to prioritize all the components of what a business really wants and needs, workforce and infrastructure would probably be tops on the list. Then community amenities, access to higher educational facilities, synergy and proximity with support vendors, availability of research if neeeded...

Posted on 06/04/13 at 11:59 am in response to Babak Armajani 'taught that change unleashes energy'

Though I never met Babak, I do have a connection with him. As a student at the University of Minnesota in the early 50's, I had heard about his father Yaya. As I recall, he taught Religion at Macalester, and had a reputation of teaching a fabulous course on the subject. (again from memory 60 years ago), I took his class outside the U's curriculum, and it was wonderful -- learning things about various religions most Americans do not study or generally care to study. There are some teachers...

Posted on 04/22/13 at 11:49 am in response to Examining the boundaries of the Second Amendment

Until we repeal and adopt a successor to the Second (as I noted in my Comm Voices piece of 1/8 below)

The reasons are simple -- the Second provides cover for those who want zero regulations on guns. Between the NRA and...

Posted on 04/18/13 at 11:54 am in response to Tea Party Express on gun bill defeat: Constitution - 1, Obama - 0

There is no polite way to say this: as Obama stated: "they lied" about this bill. Congress has been in disgrace for for years now, but this time the cloak of respectibility has been torn away, and the power of the lobbyists revealed. The question now is, will this (finally) have some impact on the voters the next election?