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Posted on 01/31/13 at 04:43 pm in response to Benghazi as metaphor: More lessons for our politicians

I think you miss the point, this is not about "budgets", it is about hypocrisy, and how those qualities interfere with sound leadership of our nation. Congress will never become functional, useful, or productive while this kind of "gamesmanship" carries on. And also (to satisfy your defense of the Republican House) it will have to be ameliorated in a NON-PARTISAN way. Hypocrisy is not the ownership of just one political partyp

Posted on 01/31/13 at 04:47 pm in response to Benghazi as metaphor: More lessons for our politicians

I see no evidence of "stonewalling"; there are several entities seeking answers. And, I believe they will unfold and we will know more, if not all the facts surrounding this tragedy. But, the House is not really seeking information, they are more interesting in excoriating Clinton, the adminsstration State Dept, and scoring some points with the public. The hearing was not a Q/A -- it was an attack assembly. The wierdest was when Paul asked Clinton "are we sending arms to Turkey"? She looked...

Posted on 02/01/13 at 10:25 am in response to Benghazi as metaphor: More lessons for our politicians

If the raking of Hillary was not enough, the next round of uncivil behavior on the part of our polticians was the acromony and attacks at the hearing of Hagel. Certainly he deserves to be vbetted for a critical job; but not interrogated meanly as he was. More examples of how the environment of Congress has changed in recent years.

Posted on 01/08/13 at 01:50 pm in response to It is time to repeal the Second Amendment

What an excellent, relevant, and cogent reference, Neal. And it goes back to my key point that we may never get effective gun regulation as long as there is so much controversey and fog regarding what the Second means (and what was intended).

Posted on 01/08/13 at 06:33 pm in response to It is time to repeal the Second Amendment

The NRA uses a variety of fear tactics to stimulate the ownership ( and purchase) of guns. One, as you note, is protection from some sort of tyrannical government. Of course there are such governments, but we have had over 200 years of democratic rule-- without ever a hint that such a government could or would come into power. Our greatest constitutional crisis in recent history, the resignation of a president (Nixon) was transitioned without a blip.

Further, if violent means were...

Posted on 01/22/13 at 11:54 am in response to It is time to repeal the Second Amendment

I response to the fear that "we are going to take everyone's gun away", I would like to suggest that the 28th Amendment read perhaps like this:

"This amendment repeals the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States and replaces it with the following:

The right to bear arms shall remain, with limitations to include a ban on any arm that can fire more than 7 rounds in a single clip or magazine.

This amendment shall not restrict rifles or arms which are used...

What is interesting to me is how the real culpirts in anti gun control have mobilized such a large body of citizens under the guise of "protecting the constitution". The power behind this phenomena is...the gun MANUFACTURERS. They don't give a damn about mass killings, violence in our streets, etc. Their goal is simple: sell more guns! And it is working. Gun sales have gone up dramatically in the past 10 years. It is sad to see our citizens "used" in this scenario -- and I can only hope that...

Molaskey has teamed with St. Paul's own (and my best high school friend) Dave Frishberg for several top NY nightclub gigs.

Posted on 12/11/12 at 11:18 am in response to Despite casinos, reservations still plagued by high unemployment

and one worthy of more discussion. Though the Mdewankanton tout the contributions they make to other tribes, it is a pittance, and the mal-distribution of wealth among Indian tribes is likely even worse than the general public. Though gambling is not the most desirable way to raise revenue, perhaps if the Indian monopoly were broken, and the tax funds from non-Indian casinos were dedicated to assisting other tribes in education, infrastructure, and training -- then more money would reach...

I have often found Atheists to be as dogmatic as the of the orthodoxy of religions; perhaps a more palatable view (to me) is better expressed by the beliefs of Agnostics.