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Posted on 11/13/12 at 11:47 am in response to Beyond Citizens United: Fixing the American elections system

Ironically, I had just submitted a commentary on this very subject (with the same points) to various obviously, I agree completely with Schultz. However, I might add two other components to his analysis: first, our elections are also much much too long. They have deadened the electorate to even wanting to discuss salient issues by the time the voting finally comes alongs.

Secondly, kindly note how FEW allegations there were in this past election regarding fraudulent ID. To...

Kindly note how few (actually none to date) allegations of voter fraud were charged throughout the nation in the recent election. This whole thing of course is a solution in search of a problem.

Posted on 10/31/12 at 11:42 am in response to Voter ID? Get the facts across with a story

As I noted in a recent Community Voices article, this amendment is contrary to over 200 years of history in our country of INCREASING enfranchisment. The one exception were the Jim Crow laws to restrict voting -- and they were so onerous they were thankfully dissolved. The reasons for this amendment are clear and obviously transparent. Do we really want to go backwards in our country to more restrictive voting...or forward to bring MORE voters into the process we call democracy?

Having voted and been politically active since the 1950's I beleive there were two signficant deaths of political leaders that changed the landscape of American politics. This first was John Kennedy and the demise of Camelot; and the second was that of Paul Wellstone. It is hard -- maybe impossible -- to predict the future of a person once gone, but Wellstone had several qualities that made him a leader and voice for the common man. Among these are his honesty, and ability to articulate his...

While I must defend my commentary as accurate, relevant and hopefully meaningful, for those who are promoting this absurd Amendment, my argument is likely to be water off a duck's back. Such is life in modern fringe American politics today.

As Greg points out it is cloaked in a mantle of misinformation, and the average voter has no idea what he/she is REALLY voting about. Frankly, I am fearful, and this is really a serious blow to legitimate voting in what is just about the cleanest election state in the country. One can only hope you surmise will happen.

Posted on 10/10/12 at 02:07 pm in response to Too often, cable TV news shows follow the party line

1. Most cable news shows are not run by journalists, the primary qualification seems to be young, blond and attractive. No Edward R. Murrows here!

2. The news shows are so voracious for content, they will seek and broadcast virtually anything, then beat it to death...until another inane event crosses their desk

3. There is no analysis in most news today -- it is made up of 30 second sound bites -- apparently assuming the public has little tolerance for something "intelligent"...

Posted on 09/24/12 at 01:20 pm in response to Romney adviser Vin Weber worries about GOP turnout in Minnesota races

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece in Minnpost: "Ten reasons why Obama will win" -- I stand by the prediction

Posted on 09/24/12 at 01:23 pm in response to Romney adviser Vin Weber worries about GOP turnout in Minnesota races

Article was SIX reasons Obama will win (Minnpost 8/8) -- anyway, six is enough

I was 26 when my dad died at the age of 50; but I had three younger brothers (one in colllege, one in high school, and one still in elementary school). While my dad had some insurance, it was the SS Survivor benefit that allowed my mother to retain her home, and assist my young sibilings with their education. One got a PhD in mathematics and has had a storied academic career; the other is a judge in Minnesota. Social Security did exactly what it was intended to do -- provide a safety net for...