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Posted on 08/09/12 at 10:15 am in response to Six reasons why Obama will win re-election

this is merely a "prediction" based on the dynamics of the political situation as it stands today (or as I see it). You are way too defensive, so maybe I should recast it as an "argument" because the Obama record is actually pretty good (see my earlier response to a similar criticism in which I detail several meaningful Obama accomplishments). As a "prediction" I will shortly be proven right...or wrong!

Posted on 07/05/12 at 11:53 am in response to Why one political junkie is opting out of the scene

To add to your observations, it appears that in modern America, elections have become a new and profitable "industry". No wonder those involved want them to last and be well funded. Well,(on a positive note)...maybe it adds jobs?

Posted on 07/06/12 at 10:53 am in response to Why one political junkie is opting out of the scene

For those of you kind enough to inquire (and I am pleasantly surprised by the number) whether or not I will continue to write and submit commentaries to various venues...the answer is "yes". Simply because I like it, and on rare occasions, I may even have something useful to say. Then the questions become...will anyone read it? Does anyone even care?

Posted on 06/08/12 at 01:19 pm in response to Minnesota's voter ID amendment: a Trojan horse with a surprise inside

While a rational discussion with most voters would scuttle this absurd amendment, the same force that likely got Scott Walker reelected will again come into play. Money! that is how our elections and referendums are now being decided -- especially with the power of TV and the internet. This bodes poorly for the election process now and into the future.

Posted on 06/08/12 at 01:51 pm in response to Minnesota's voter ID amendment: a Trojan horse with a surprise inside

Voters are disenfranchised ONLY IF unqualified voters are allowed to vote. In fact, this is not happening in Minnesota. In 2008, 117 voters were listed as "ineligible" out of about 2.5 million. This is the classic case of a solution in search of a problem. Why put 2,500,400 voters to an expensive and unreasonable process for the 117 who voted in error (most were felons, some of whom did not even know they were ineligible). This is plainly absurd.

Posted on 05/14/12 at 11:12 am in response to Marriage amendment is about discrimination

This (the authors of the amendment) from those who proclaim so loudly "get government out of our lives". Yet with this (and their sister abortion amendments) they want government to intrude into the most intimate parts of human activity.

Posted on 05/11/12 at 10:59 am in response to Increasing social connectedness: Let's make a difference

Sorry we race towards more technology (read iPhones, email, Twitter etc), I fear the impersonalization in our society will increase. Albert Tofler in his book Future Shock described (and predicted this) about 40 years ago, and he was right!

Posted on 05/09/12 at 01:30 pm in response to Judicial independence: The new threat from within

With a Supreme Court that has clearly been politicized...a Congress that has a postive rating of about 9%...a House that is rigidly partisan and far right...a Senate that is paralyzed with their "new" 60 majority rule...and the domonizing of our president daily, is it any wonder that we are cynical about the state of our government, and our governance? We have every right to be disgruntled as truly concerned citizens, and sadly there are no improvements in sight.

Posted on 05/08/12 at 08:50 am in response to 3M shareholders should support resolution on political spending

This will go down as the worst, and most damaging SCOTUS decision in modern American history. The extended ramifications are now only beginning to be exposed; and it will have a profound (and negative) effect on our electoral processes for decades to come.

Unlike any other industrialized, developed democratic nation, our elections now are swimming in obscene amounts of money...and undue influence.

To see 19th century surgical instruments (and other medical treatments) first hand, a visit to the infirmary at Fort Snelling national park is instructive.