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Posted on 12/13/11 at 03:54 pm in response to National Republicans launch web ad targeting Peterson

130,000 jobs? The NRCC is a bucket of lies.

Posted on 11/03/11 at 09:57 am in response to Why President Andrew Johnson was impeached, and why we should care today

#20 is completely FALSE. Plain and simple, A lie.

Posted on 10/27/11 at 03:17 pm in response to My tax plan

#18 sums it up. I got mine, and the poor are poor because they deserve to be poor because they are lazy. Nice empathy.

"If they want to put things on the walls,'' said Winkler, "maybe they should put up things like, 'Do what's best for Minnesota.' "

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Posted on 06/27/11 at 07:54 am in response to The tale of what Bachmann says she heard Obama mutter

10 to 1, there was no meeting two weeks ago.

Posted on 06/22/11 at 01:59 pm in response to GOP says gov not compromising

The only thing the GOP offered where more "shifts" of money. In no way did they "compromise".

Posted on 06/21/11 at 09:06 am in response to Planned Parenthood closes 6 clinics for budget reasons

Watch the STD numbers explode in rural Minnesota. Mark my words.

Posted on 06/16/11 at 08:42 am in response to Does GOP's latest statement offer glimmer of hope for budget settlement?

They said "no tax increase" not "no new revenue". If you think there will be a deal with no new revenue, good luck with that. It will be along the lines of that 75 cent a pack "fee" on cigs. I like how they pick and choose what they call a tax.

Posted on 06/07/11 at 11:59 am in response to GOP's 'halfway point' is still financial miles from Dayton's

More shifts. Are you serious R's. They are gonna shut it down over a small tax on 6 figure earners. I thought everyone had to "tighten there belts", and "sacrifice". I guess that doesn't include 6 figure earners.

Posted on 06/07/11 at 11:44 am in response to Pawlenty budget plan: Fewer tax brackets and 'Google test' cuts

Is this a joke? The google test...really! Good luck getting a clean drink of water after T-Paw guts those costly regulations. But what will anyone care when they can buy all the prescription drugs in the world via the google.