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Neal Rovick

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Last night, as I took our dog for the 10 PM walk, the 10 or so turkeys from our neighborhood are roosted in oak trees over the street. Giant lumps of birds, heads tucked in, asleep in the cold. It's always impressive to see that group of big birds in the same trees night after night.

State Game Lodge--we had a good Thanksgiving dinner there last year.

This particular cow has left the barn many years ago, but the main, driving force of our Middle East policy has been to provide cover for Israel and the policies of Israeli politicians. We've allowed the condition where regardless of how many expansions Israel makes into "facts on the ground", we still support them.

And the spiral of awfulness on both sides of that issue has led to bigger problems throughout the region. The region is getting more radical in response and the politics...

Posted on 11/24/14 at 12:40 pm in response to Stagnation or exponential growth — considering two economic futures

The drop in production/consumption as shown in the GDP graph was the effect of removing the excessively easy borrowing that allowed the goosing of the economy.

The real issue is that there are more people than are necessary to produce the goods needed and desired by that quantity of people. There is a far greater capacity for production than consumption. Artificially high levels of consumption can only be supported by easy money.

So I'm not even sure that it is possible, let...

Posted on 11/24/14 at 12:01 pm in response to Whom do you trust to decide who shall live or die?

I would suspect the "collateral damage" from the drone killings is substantially smaller that the "collateral damage" in the recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

It is substantially less than in the Vietnam War, the Korean War, WW2, WW1-- all the way back to the days when God commanded total warfare calling for the slaying all the men, women children and animals of various cities.

Which brings another uncomfortable parallel -- the people in we are targeting are calling for total...

Posted on 11/22/14 at 09:46 am in response to Tom Mann on the 'crocodile tears' of the Republicans

The argument based on the constitutional/unconstitutional nature of the actions are less of a roll in the mud of race relations, scary brown people, invading hordes, free-loaders, anchor babies, etc..

So that is the basis of all of this hoo-ha on the Obama action.

No real love for the constitutional issue, just a desire to appear remain above the ugliness of what drives the basic issue.

Posted on 11/21/14 at 09:37 am in response to Obama’s immigration maneuver: This isn’t how it’s supposed to work

It ain't Schoolhouse Rock.

This isn't the way it is supposed to work, but it is being made to work.

And the fact is, politics are a part of the presidential actions.

After a close election. In a lame-duck session of congress. Prior to the beginning of a 24 month presidential campaign. Doing what he can for a constituency important to him and his party. Forcing the Republicans to put-em-up or shut-up.

If it' put-em-up, then the differences between Democratic...

Posted on 11/21/14 at 10:49 am in response to Obama’s immigration maneuver: This isn’t how it’s supposed to work

It is very interesting that even though Obama was elected without your vote, apparently the only "will of the people" to be considered by the president is Thomas Swift's will (or people of your opinion).

You also seem to be under the misapprehension that elected officials are to be the stenographer of you or your viewpoints, even if they never held those views in the first place.

It's representative democracy--the elected official get to choose their actions during their term...

Posted on 11/21/14 at 06:11 pm in response to Obama’s immigration maneuver: This isn’t how it’s supposed to work

From your cited poll:

63% of Democrats support the action by Obama

11% of Republicans support it.

Gosh, a politician doing something their supporters want? Shocking!! Carrying out the will of his supporters--what the heck is going on??

and from the same article:


The new NBC/WSJ poll also finds a majority of Americans (57 percent) favoring a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and that increases to 74 percent when respondents...

Isn't this the topic of a writer searching for a few inches of text?

It's a little early to be writing of precedence for a candidate that hasn't even declared.

How about the unlikelihood of the second brother of a family already with 2 former presidents being elected?

Or how about the unlikelihood of a President with former Canadian citizenship with a Hispanic surname? (Now wouldn't this candidate be the perfect one to usher in the North American Union, the Amero, and...

....doing it before the next Congress starts working is illogical because the chances of immigration law being passed next year are much higher now....



Boehner has long played footsie with Democrats over passing a comprehensive bill. Last November, Boehner told reporters that immigration reform “absolutely” wasn’t dead. But in February, after the right wing freaked out over “immigration principles” that the House GOP leadership released, Boehner pulled...