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The other 5 mass extinction events occurred over periods of hundreds of thousands to millions of years or had peaks associated with catastrophic events such as gigantic meteorite strikes.

We are doing the same in relatively few years.

And there are still people who think the world ecosystem is too stable and too large for people to have a significant effect on its livability.

It's a battle of our parents and grandparents. Why should we carry their burdens forward?

Why should we not have relations with Cuba when we go back and forth to Russia and China in every possible way on every day of the week?

Cuba is much more of a toothless lion of "communism" than Russia (Ukraine !?!?) and China (Taiwan/Spratley Islands !?!). They have active anti-US programs that are far more threatening than Cuba.

Besides, it undercuts Marco Rubio in a big way...

Communist regime defenders?

Or people who recognize that we have much more interaction with far more dangerous regimes like China and Russia. I can easily book a tour of either of those countries and I can go on US government and state government sponsored trade missions to both of those countries.

Now tell me again how much worse Cuba is than either of those countries.

Ah, yes, the illicit trade in Soviet-era (what was that--at least 3 decades ago?) planes and weapons systems between the two axis-of-evil countries.

If you want to see the weapons found on the ship, go to:


Actually, the weapons were developed in 1957 and frequently used during the Vietnam War.

Posted on 12/17/14 at 09:38 am in response to The end of Vladimir Putin?

The Russian population has a totally underestimated capacity for accepting the unacceptable so it is quite likely that Putin will not receive much pressure from the general population. Perhaps a few more staged crisis' and the mythic Putin firm hand will be required, but the attitude of most Russians toward Putin is incomprehensible to much of the world.

The biggest pressure on him will come from the oligarchs who no longer have the same access to foreign banks to roll over the debt...

This is the same faux-patriotic BS of their entire administration. A belligerent response to shout down the opposition.

Don't you understand--we have to do the illegal/unconstitutional/irrational/stupid thing because you don't want the terrorists to win, do you??

Are you "real" Americans or not???

IT IS as stupid as "freedom fries".

You really shouldn't pursue that line of argument unless you can completely justify the hundreds of thousands of non-combatants killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have criminals that do awful and repugnant things every day.

Is subjecting them to the processes of constitutional law "feeling sorry" for them?

Yes in some imginative, counter-factual world Al Qaeda and Iraq were connected--but not in the real world.

In the real world, the Saudi's that funded and directed 9/11 (and continue to fund ISIS and all sorts of other terrorism) remained the good freinds of the Bush/Cheney administration. The Saudi royal family members and...

You value SOME human lives and dignity.

Get it clear--no-one here is more outraged by the Cheney/Bush torture policy than the terrorists actions.

They are two sides of the same coin--valuing some human life and dignity over others, through whatever rationale you want. Doing the same thing you decry in defense of what you say you hold dear.

It's the same division, us vs. them, used by all despotic regimes. "They" do not deserve the due processes of law. And that is...