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Neal Rovick

St Anthony, MN
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Why let facts get in the way of spin?

Looks like the unemployment in those northern counties are improving along with the rest of the state. And they are doing better than a lot of other red states.

Posted on 07/24/14 at 10:58 am in response to Larry Sabato upgrades his rating of McFadden's chances

....there is no polling to really justify the ratings change, but I can tell you that there's a bit of buzz in the universe of the politically-obsessed that the Minnesota race will tighten up....

Gosh, would we be talking about Sabato's predictive powers if he didn't pull that out of his "rear pocket" at this time? Maybe Sabato is just feeling lonely right now.

Candidates after endorsement and with a pocket full of big money certainly rate higher that un-endorsed, poor...

The fires in Canada and Siberia are massive and unprecedented in recorded history.

There are several thing going on. Drought has increased the fire risk. Unusually warm weather removes more water from the ground and plants. Heat lightning occurs more frequently The fires are sometimes fed by methane releases from thawing permafrost. And given that there may be 4 or more feet of peat-type material which means that the fires may be spreading in the "basement" of the forest--long term...

Posted on 07/24/14 at 09:22 am in response to Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics

Using the word "bankrupt" is a scare tactic.

Pot, meet Kettle.

And then, what does "all things are on the table" mean, if not ALL things such as privatization, limiting, removal, and only funding in proportion to payments into the system.

Posted on 07/24/14 at 10:48 am in response to Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics

How many signing statements did Bush do that changed or negated legislation?

Should we have trusted that SS survivor benefits would continue? And how? Would there have been a separate line item deduct from from the paycheck, so that even if a person opted out of contributing to SS, in general, they would still fund the survivors benefits.

Everything is on the table means everything.

It's all speculation until a bill is written and signed (without a signing statement...

Posted on 07/23/14 at 07:25 am in response to A new, potentially very serious blow to Obamacare law

The end-game has changed and the Republicans pursuing the closure of the ACA have not realized it.

How much applause will those who benefit by the act have for those who triumphantly shut it down? How much applause will those who see the effect of the loss of insurance have for the Republicans?

Shedding crocodile tears over the uninsured does little to answer the very real issues.

The Republicans are chasing a narrower and narrower segment of voters.

In the flavor of the saying, "Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes", the impossibility of denying the already present changes moves the denial community to "climate always changes and there is nothing that we have done or can do to affect that". At least that is the new direction laid out in the Heartland convention in Las Vegas, along with the idea that the changes coming will bring us to a better place:

But, as the conference organizers are quick...

It's like an Alzheimer ward.

The same comments are made by deniers, over and over.

Arctic ice?

The downward trend of Arctic ice is clearly...

The debt becomes a problem when interest rates return to a normal range. At that point debt service become a much too large a proportion of the budget.

While there has been a program to extend out the duration of federal debt, the average debt duration is around 6 years (up from about 3-1/2 years.

That means that as interest rates rise, over half of the debt will come due (to be repaid or refinanced) within 6 years. As interest rates increase, the debt payment increases if...

Self-segregation of charter schools IS on the rise--self selection on the lines of ethnic, religious and even tribal differences. While people may wish to send their children to a school that is "just like them", is it in the public interest to fund schools that encourage and intensify division and separateness?