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Posted on 10/20/14 at 12:31 pm in response to Gubernatorial debate gets personal

I could modify what you wrote above to read " Just wait until someone kills someone with a car while drunk then anyone who voted to legalize will have serious regrets". Do you apply the same metric in saying that "(Alcohol) is way too dangerous to allow" or " (Alcohol) should never be legal"?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying deaths caused by drunk drivers should be excused.

But alcohol and marijuana both cause impairment. Do you therefore apply the same criticism, and if...

What Dayton actually said was “I’ve been working on behalf of northeastern Minnesota for 37 years and I’ve seen the hucksters go up there and promise chopstick factories … and all those other things because they are dangling out the prospects of jobs."

Sorry - but you could just as easily read that as him calling the *copper-nickel mining companies* the potential "hucksters". Which was - in fact - exactly how I took it.

But if Johnson is so eager to claim the title for himself...

Posted on 10/16/14 at 05:38 pm in response to Pork industry should stop defending indefensible practices

But I actually agree with you on something. Sort of. I don't trust the agenda of HSUS either, although I wouldn't go quite so far as to call them terrorists. I do, however, consider them glory hounds who exist mainly to collect donations and further their agenda of self-aggrandizement.

But with that out of the way, now I have to question one of your assertions. Just exactly what is a sow in a gestation crate expected to "produce" besides babies? Something she can do without being...

Posted on 10/10/14 at 08:20 am in response to Texas prosecutors want Adrian Peterson re-arrested

Do you suppose they're going to surprise us and install birdsafe glass after all?

(Well, I can dream, can't I?)

Please tell me you're not considering the institution of a paywall!

Posted on 10/08/14 at 10:29 am in response to Bill Maher visits Northfield as part of 'flip' effort

Ask Chris Lollie - he might have some thoughts on the matter! (At least where the perceived need to resort to tazing is concerned.)

Posted on 10/07/14 at 08:59 am in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

You spent a lot of time discussing "savage" pig behaviors. What you left out is a discussion of whether or not those behaviors would be as prevalent (or as savage) if the pigs were not living with such high numbers in such confined quarters - regardless of whether that confinement is indoors or outdoors.

Crowding is also a stressor. And yes - if crowding is inherent in your setup, then you are probably going to need to resort to other "management" methods (such as gestation stalls)...

Posted on 10/07/14 at 06:31 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

where I said "I understand that economics play a role in this". Yes, I am fully aware that it would be far more expensive to raise pigs in an environment where they had much more room to roam. The crowding becomes an economic necessity - I understand that. I did not state whether I agreed with that or not.

However, it is hard to believe pigs would have survived evolutionarily had they spent all their time rolling over on their babies and drowning one another's litters. These are...

Posted on 10/08/14 at 02:16 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

Fourth paragraph down:

"I wish people were on our farm to see the looks on our faces after the drowning of newborn piglets who were savagely placed there by another pregnant sow."

Now, tell me more about my "elitist agenda" . . . . . . .

Posted on 10/08/14 at 02:20 pm in response to What I wish people knew about pig farming

"Dumb comments"?

Um - moderators - is this what passes for intelligent discussion?

As to whether or not the behaviors happen when pigs are not "in confinement" - I'd need some definitions of what does or does not constitute "confinement" as well as some comparisons of population densities of pigs in agriculture compared to population densities of wild, free-living pigs.