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mandate they be closed one day a week - but they can choose the day?

Cue moral outrage by one or more bikers who will feel duty-bound to jump in here and point out all the *cars* they also see breaking traffic laws. As if that false equivalence somehow proves something.

It's wrong no matter WHO does it. So can we just try to keep the discussion from going there?

Posted on 01/23/15 at 04:57 pm in response to With layers of rules and restrictions, is Roe a reality anymore?

A comprehensive examination of the issue must encompass the issues of education AND access to contraception, as well as to safe abortion if need be.

Are you also someone who supports denying women access to needed contraception?

Posted on 01/15/15 at 11:36 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Two problems:

1) Your quote of the Chipotle requirement for housing reads pigs should be raised in “humane conditions with access to the outdoors, rather than in cramped pens.”

"Access to the outdoors". That doesn't mean "outdoors only". It means "Outdoors as an option if the animal wishes it."

So a long diatribe about how pigs who are "housed outdoors" suffer is not even talking about the same thing as what Chipotle is requiring in their housing agreements.


Posted on 01/15/15 at 05:37 pm in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Yup - keep 'em in a bubble! And while you're at it, why not pump them full of antibiotics just to make good and certain they never get sick (or fail to gain as much weight as you can cram onto them so that you'll make that much more at market). Antibiotic resistance? Phew! Who cares!

Posted on 01/16/15 at 07:33 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

I'd be interested in hearing more about your actual real-life experiences in raising pigs as you do. Especially in light of an earlier article by Ms. Paschke ( ) which includes the following passage (among...

Posted on 01/16/15 at 09:02 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Much of what you've written is either a matter of opinion or anecdotal. rather than based on verifiable factual information. Therefore, I'm going to go point by point with my reactions:

1) Flavor is a matter of opinion. You say you've done research on meat quality. If there are actual peer-reviewed studies to bolster your claim you need to provide it, otherwise your claim remains your opinion.

2) On the subject of antibiotics, you say" the majority of antibitiotics that are...

Posted on 01/16/15 at 01:11 pm in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

Which they are within their rights to do.

Posted on 01/17/15 at 10:18 am in response to Chipotle: There is no pork shortage

those are slotted floors the pigs are standing on. The waste material falls through.

Although you bring up an interesting point - even with slotted floors, there should be SOME amount of random waste that landed on the concrete rather than falling through a slot. Since nothing is visible, presumably it has been hosed away.

Assuming that's the case, how often does this "hosing down" process occur? And are the pigs removed while it is going on, or do they get hosed down also...

How fascinating that simply using it as intended maintained the internal environmental conditions to preserve its structural integrity, and that when that use ended, the structural integrity was lost and parts of the building collapsed.

I wonder if Mr. Schott had any idea how critical to the building its ongoing use was, or whether that was simply serendipitous?