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Posted on 09/09/14 at 10:08 am in response to Treasury decision could make Medtronic deal 'untenable'

It's good to know that nothing untoward has happened!

Posted on 09/05/14 at 05:05 pm in response to Bachman's owners intend to apply to be state certified pot growers

Where has Brian been? Did I miss an announcement?

Posted on 09/04/14 at 10:58 am in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

Well, at least - unlike in the Brodkorb affair - GOP fighting this one won't end up being billed to the taxpayers.

It seemed to escalate when they asked him for his name and he refused to give it. And I have to agree that I don't see why - other than as a show of "I'm in charge here!" - there should be a requirement to give your name in such a benign "conflict". After all, once the police showed up, he did move, but they were the ones who then essentially pursued him because he wouldn't give them his name.

Perhaps a person familiar with such things (a police officer) could weigh in with what was...

I'd have to view the video again (or review some articles), but my recollection is that it was a private security officer who first asked him to move, and that when he refused, the private security officer called the St. Paul police and they are the ones on the video demanding his ID and then escalating the situation until they decided to taser him.

Posted on 09/03/14 at 11:44 am in response to Survey finds Republicans' biggest concern is not what you think it is

The entire question (as stated in the article) read "to protect our private information and constitutional rights”. That's two things which aren't *necessarily* even all that closely related:

1) Private information


2) Constitutional rights

Why did the article zero in on only the first? Especially considering how many Republicans appear to identify themselves as Tea Partiers - a group which is almost fanatical on the topic of all things to do with the...

Posted on 09/04/14 at 08:09 am in response to Survey finds Republicans' biggest concern is not what you think it is

You consider Paul's comment inconsistent because you believe a fetus is the same thing as a child.

But for someone who does not believe a fetus is the same thing as a child, there is no inconsistency whatsoever.

It is unlikely that repeating this clarification will change your beliefs in any way, but it is still worth repeating it.

Posted on 09/07/14 at 10:09 pm in response to Survey finds Republicans' biggest concern is not what you think it is

I hate to burst your self-righteous bubble, but even "non-religious folk" are capable of giving simply because it is the right thing to do.

The religious don't have a corner on the market when it comes to morality no matter how much you'd like to think they do.

Posted on 09/03/14 at 02:45 pm in response to The nice guy's guide to becoming the Republican nominee for governor

And to further expand on Paul's point, let us not forget Jeff Johnson's promise that - if elected - he would "go all Scott Walker on Minnesota".

Nice guy indeed! I think not.

Posted on 09/03/14 at 03:25 pm in response to All big-brand diets lead to similar weight loss, study finds

When comparing diets by measuring amount lost, wouldn't it make more sense to express the results in terms of percents rather than in terms of absolute pounds lost?