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Pat McGee

Coon Rapids, MN
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He is on leave of absence from his job per chief's order. So he can't spend time cleaning up Minneapolis.

...also include the absence of a criminal record. Further limiting the potential applicant pool. Rightly or wrongly non-whites have a greater percentage with records.

Posted on 08/27/14 at 11:31 am in response to Minnesota State Fair T-shirt bingo

Very clever and very distracting! Printing out bingo cards for my family is so much more interesting than updating a database.

Posted on 08/19/14 at 12:43 pm in response to Minneapolis' newest tool to fight inequality: racial equity assessments

Korbel wants a "pause in the decision making" to minimize and perhaps eliminate unintended consequence.”

This, by definition, sets up an endless loop of non-decisions. Every decision has unintended consequences. Including the decision to pause.

I've been around a long time and this one takes the cake.

Posted on 08/06/14 at 01:04 pm in response to Dear Target: Better never than late

Weddings are a HUGE business/industry.I'd like to think that Target saw the light, but I'm afraid all they see are the dollar signs. Support gay marraige and they've opened up a whole new market that has been avoiding them.

Posted on 08/05/14 at 01:25 pm in response to Embracing open data: a big shift in culture for Minneapolis

Unfunded mandate. Where is the staff and the equipment going to come from? Where is the money for the staff and equipment going to come from?

Posted on 08/06/14 at 10:01 am in response to Embracing open data: a big shift in culture for Minneapolis

Have you any idea how much the City pays its managed services provider for servers and maintenance? And the staff to support the hardware and software? It ain't cheap.

Posted on 07/28/14 at 10:24 am in response to Activist out of jail, says he was assaulted by Minneapolis police

And the Chief should choose her words more carefully. A "distraction", indeed.

Posted on 07/17/14 at 07:55 am in response to White House moves to stop Medtronic's Irish tax strategy

At the Mayor's request SWAT is now SOG (special operations group) because SWAT sounds too mean. As if SOG is carries any weight. Not to mention that Spec Ops Group sounds sinister.

Posted on 06/12/14 at 12:47 pm in response to Design details of Minneapolis' Interchange shortchange pedestrians

Why are there 2 stations mere feet apart? It makes no sense to stop at one platform and another a minute later?

The Targt Field sidewalk is a major hazard in the winter. It is NOT cleared and not lit. Just talk to the many folks who have sustained falls on the dark ice in mornings and evenings trying to make their way from the Northstar to the bus garage. (Complaints to Target Field are shrugged off with comments that they only clear and light the sidewalk on "game days".)