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Paul Brandon

Mankato, MN
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Posted on 07/30/14 at 12:18 pm in response to David Cobb on how corporations are stealing our self-governing rights

This was the point about Citizens United, which overturned two centuries of legal precedent and allowed corporate 'individuals' to hide the sources of their political contributions, and evade laws enacted to limit corporate spending on political campaigns.

Posted on 07/29/14 at 05:34 pm in response to Walz on VA deal: 'This is the way things should be done'

is the shortage of physicians in the United States.
One long term answer is improving our educational system so that more American students can hack med school, but that answer starts with preschool.

So it's nice to say that the VA is going to hire more physicians; where are they going to find them? Hire them away from the private sector (who's going to pay for that)?
And are we going to legally require private health care providers to accept what the VA pays? We already...

the Republican side.
You and Entenza would make a good match.
I wonder when Entenza will jump?

Al Franken has a Web site with detailed statements of his positions, as well as a legislative record.
You people should really read, rather than using every one of Erik's postings as an excuse to post the same opinions.

referring to Franken's declining to participate in an NPR State Fair candidate's debate (he probably felt that including a bull on the panel would be unfair to his opponents).

what schools like Cristo Rey do:
dump all their problem students on someone else (meaning the public schools). It's been shown that charter schools do no better than public schools when comparable students are compared.

Web site to see what policy statements and specific proposals it contained.
It's only content was information about how to donate money to his campaign.
Definitely a position statement.

He's asked McFadden to provide the same sort of specifics that Franken has.
McFadden reacted as though a kid hit him in the groin.

special education/special needs students do they have?

If you double ALL test scores (all students do twice as well)
the gap between the best and worst students will also double.
You'd expect more of a gap in a state with a better educational system.