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Posted on 12/16/14 at 11:45 am in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

Agriculture for at least the past 10,000 years is based on genetic modification.
The only question is whether modern techniques for genetic modification are somehow qualitatively different from the traditional methods of breeding, which also produce genetically modified species.

that the misstatement is deliberate.
If so, I agree.

so he had no authority to order anything.
One could ask how many US citizens Bush/Cheney caused to be killed.

Your opening defining statement ("I will begin with observation that no one still answered my call to swear off torture to prevent a nuke in Manhattan...") assumes that torture would in fact be capable of preventing a terrorist attack. Since there is no evidence supporting this (and much psychological research to the contrary), your argument is based on a false assumption and therefore does not warrant an answer.

Posted on 12/13/14 at 07:55 pm in response to Borowitz satire: Citigroup to move HQ to floor of U.S. House

I'll bet they just text.

Posted on 12/14/14 at 11:36 am in response to Borowitz satire: Citigroup to move HQ to floor of U.S. House

Citigroup is also partially owned by the Saudi family, whose connections to the Bush family and its retainers are well known. Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is the biggest single shareholder. He holds about 15% outright, and possibly more indirectly.
I suspect that Citigroup is an equal opportunity donor.
They buy a share in anyone who might be able to help them at some time in the future. It's called hedging your bets.

contributing to the number of people incarcerated is sentence length, which is also longer in the United States than it is in other developed (or more civilized, if you wish) nations.

The police should simply do what they are paid to do and the law says that they should do:
enforce the laws impartially (something in the Constitution about equal standing before the law).

There's a good article (with - gasp - numbers) in the WaPo:

You'll see that 21% of violent crimes are committed by...

Posted on 12/09/14 at 09:59 pm in response to Career St. Paul teachers among highest paid in the country

What does 'can make' mean?
Are these the actually salaries of teachers who have just retired? Projected earnings of current teachers?
And what proportion of St. Paul teachers meet the criterion (whatever it is) of 'full careers'?