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This country was formed by terrorists.

Terrorism is not an existential threat, either to us or to Europe.
It's way down on the list of causes of death, and will likely remain there.

What is does mean, particularly for Europe, that modern societies are dependent upon an underclass of cheap laborers who are citizens and natives whose first language is that of their current home country, but who do not share its culture or customs. France will continue to exist and be...

Posted on 01/09/15 at 11:58 am in response to The Wolves' losing culture

at his age, play all out at both ends of the court for 30+ minutes a game? That's not what he was hired for.
The bottom line is that the Wolves are playing D-league players as regulars; they're not going to win a whole lot.
IF Rubio can come back and play real minutes at full speed this year, everyone will look better.

Posted on 01/09/15 at 05:30 pm in response to The Wolves' losing culture

As a backup guard he's an improvement over JJ.
It was clear that when he was out with back spasms the Wolves were even worse.

Posted on 01/09/15 at 06:45 pm in response to The very last election result of the 2014 cycle is now in

for a party to form a dummy third party to throw the election into the legislature. This would make it less likely to have a Governor from a different party than the one that controlled the Legislature (see Ventura, Jesse).

If a war were clearly unpopular at the start, it is much less likely that it would be fought at all. So the fact that the war did start indicates initial popularity.
And as Paul U. alludes, the justification for the war usually suffers from more information about the actual circumstances.

As usual Mr. Tester unwittingly makes a good point.
The problem with the Vietnamese war wasn't that it was unwinnable; it was that it wasn't worth winning (no one ever found significant...

Posted on 01/07/15 at 09:39 am in response to Most who die from alcohol poisoning are middle-aged men, CDC finds

that is, real addiction defined by physiological dependence and withdrawal symptoms (DT's) is relatively rare; alcohol abuse such as binge drinking is much more common.
The difference between the mortality statistics and the incidence of binge drinking and alcoholism by age might be a function of the fact that is usually takes some time to drink oneself to death, but once one starts down that path it is unlikely that one will survive long enough to die of alcohol poisoning in old age...

Posted on 01/05/15 at 05:42 pm in response to Teen's computer-privacy tussle with his Wayzata school goes viral

when policies are set and policed by people (school administrators) who are neither familiar nor comfortable with current technology.

Posted on 01/06/15 at 11:19 am in response to Teen's computer-privacy tussle with his Wayzata school goes viral

is whether (and to what extent) minors have Constitutional rights.

human life began several -billion- years ago with the formation of the first living cell. All subsequent cells have been continuously derived from that one; including the ones that make up our bodies. No living human cell has been created from an inert substance; just from other living cells.
So, to talk about the beginning of a specific individual human life one needs some other basis than a cellular one.
On the level of religion, we can (with the Pope) talk about 'ensoulment...

Posted on 01/05/15 at 09:53 am in response to The mass insanity of World War I — and what we can see in it today

Had nothing to do with it; as a violist I resemble the implication.
As one grows older, one can see that what looked like separate events are part of a common pattern.
When I was a teenager in the '50's, WW's I and II looked like they were separated by an eternity.
60 years later, it is apparent that the Armistice was exactly that: a pause of less than 20 years in one continuous war.