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big money aggregates are backing the respective candidates.
There's big money on both sides (at some point down the road all candidates need it), but not necessarily -the same- big money with the same vested interests.

that he'll easily get the nomination.
Your definition of conservatives are a minority even in the Republican party elite, who still would like to win an election sometime during their lifetime.

Remember President Gore.

Bush did not receive a plurality of votes nationally; Gore did.
Bush won only in the electoral college.
Second, that rather rambling Beast article at best said that there are conceivable circumstances under which Gore loses Florida (I don't believe that a statewide recount or revote was one of them).
It glosses over the unprecedented action of the Supreme Court overruling a State court (before it had made a final decision) in regard to an election (see the Constitution on...

Posted on 12/17/14 at 01:03 pm in response to A tale of three Reubens

Growing up in Noo Yawk, we didn't mix milk and meat (this is called gastronomic Judaism) in sandwiches. The standard was a corned beef or pastrami on rye or pumpernickel, with a jaw straining thickness. Slaw or kraut was a side dish (often paired with potato salad), not part of a sandwich.

Posted on 12/18/14 at 10:00 am in response to A tale of three Reubens

I'm thinking of the forties and fifties; not recent history.
I can't remember anyone going into the Tower Deli on Kingsbridge Road and ordering a Reuben (or even a corned beef and swiss).

The difference is in the female aging arc, which is longer than the male one.
Women live longer -- a woman of age 71 has about 7 more productive years left than a man of the same age. Therefore, you'd have to compare Warren (or Clinton now) with Reagan at age 62; before he was showing signs of Alzheimers.

created them.

Posted on 12/15/14 at 05:50 pm in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

You've added the name of his business.
To make it informative, the following is a quote from his Web site:
"Working with our strategic partners, including firms headquartered in Washington, D.C. and St. Paul, MN, we have the capacity to integrate federal and state lobbying, public affairs and communications services in a bipartisan fashion so as to provide cost-effective strategies for our clients."
In other words, he is a lobbyist with a vested interest in the issue.

Posted on 12/16/14 at 11:45 am in response to On GMOs, schools should share facts, not propaganda

Agriculture for at least the past 10,000 years is based on genetic modification.
The only question is whether modern techniques for genetic modification are somehow qualitatively different from the traditional methods of breeding, which also produce genetically modified species.