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Paul Brandon

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Posted on 10/22/14 at 04:08 pm in response to The dirty secret behind attack ads

Most of our major elections are close; 52% is a runaway in a Presidential election.
So political advertising doesn't have to affect -most- people to be effective; just a few who are undecided (and research has shown that those are mostly people who haven't given the election much thought).

Posted on 10/23/14 at 05:46 pm in response to The dirty secret behind attack ads

that your vote was not influenced by political advertising?
If you can't prove this, do you, by your stated criteria, have the right to vote?

Posted on 10/21/14 at 11:51 am in response to Rep. Michele Bachmann gets full-time security detail after ISIL threats

has been making threats to the Islamic State.
Sounds like they both could use protection.

The main differences between American political parties are personalities, not policies.
We have no significant socialist parties; no significant fascist parties. It's all in the middle.
So ads feature personalities, and exaggerations of political differences rather than real policy debates.

by ANY ad?
The claims in commercial advertising may be more positive, but they are no more believable, and the sources no less governed by self interest than are political ads.
But they appear to work -- we spend more money on them than on medical research.

It's having a record to run on.
Mills is not known for his governmental service.

is probably worse for your health than Dayton, though.
So the ad has induced you do something bad for your health, but good for Mickey D's.
Don't see much difference between this and political ads.

Posted on 10/16/14 at 05:57 pm in response to Small-business group endorses Johnson for governor

It's a major conservative business lobby (one of the nation's biggest).

Posted on 10/15/14 at 12:11 pm in response to Do we have too much democracy?

how one quantifies 'democracy'?
'Too much democracy' implies a comparison like three gallons of it when two would do. A better question might be -is our democratic system too complex to function well- -- given that we can define our measure of functionality.

An interesting test might be asking people a day or week after the election to tell what items they voted on -- do they even remember what was on the ballot?

Finally, as Eric and others have pointed out before, our...

Posted on 10/15/14 at 05:49 pm in response to Do we have too much democracy?

White male landowners.
And the definition of 'white' was often limited to those of Northwestern European ancestry, so you might have some problems.