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Paul Brandon

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Posted on 12/06/14 at 10:04 am in response to It's time to fix the MnSCU system — openly and with autonomy

of private and public universities.
The point of the state college/university system was to provide affordable education for large numbers of students.
Privatization would inevitable increase tuition costs (no state support) and increase the pressures to increase enrollments (and thus income) through often misleading advertising. We're already seeing lawsuits charging that private (often for profit) institutions offer misleading promises of employment and have very low...

Posted on 12/05/14 at 01:28 pm in response to The new solid South

the 'red and white solid South'?
History's next chapter may be entitled 'Demographics'.

Posted on 12/05/14 at 09:25 pm in response to The new solid South

is that (as Ray notes) the minorities are becoming the majority.
It appears that (at least some of them) have figured this out,
and are trying to figure out a way to appeal to minorities while remaining Republican (and keeping their rich white donors).

Posted on 12/05/14 at 09:28 pm in response to The new solid South

No one on this blog has pretended that things are that simply black and white.
Nor most responsible commentators.
It's the old 'balance' argument:
Saying that 'the other side does it too' implies that both sides are equally guilty.

Posted on 12/06/14 at 09:52 am in response to The new solid South

So you don't believe that the 'Uncle Tom' character was a product and sign of racism?

Posted on 12/08/14 at 10:32 am in response to The new solid South

involved in a black choosing to side with a white power structure built on the labor of blacks.
That's why 'Uncle Tom' is a pejorative term for most blacks.

Your basic logic is that there is something inherently racist about identifying the racism shown by others.
And that helping others is holding them back.
This claim is supported by ideology, not by fact.
Orwell lives.

And on the topic of whether progressive ideas work in the real world:

With today's employment (or lack of it) environment, half of fast food workers are supporting families.
You may have your own opinions about what a fast food job -should- be, but that is not today's reality.

Today's economic problems are largely due to a lack in demand. Production (and high level employment) won't ramp up until people start buying more. And the best way to get them to buy more is to put money in their hands. That's what increasing the minimum wage will due:...

Posted on 11/24/14 at 10:21 am in response to Whom do you trust to decide who shall live or die?

when we have to deal with 'unconventional' warfare.
The bad guys don't usually wear uniforms.
If we could have identified and killed the 9/11 hijackers before the event, should we have?
Obama's mistake was assuming that there are clear 'red lines' someplace. To his credit, he's learned that life ain't that simple.
This means that when someone guesses wrong he's the bad guy; but can we afford not to guess?

Posted on 11/22/14 at 02:43 pm in response to Tom Mann on the 'crocodile tears' of the Republicans

Since there is in fact no power grab, there's nothing to react to except the Republican power grabs, which is a different issue.
Maybe you all should get your heads out from under your beds.
You're wasting too much time looking for nonexistent monsters.

Posted on 11/21/14 at 10:46 am in response to Obama’s immigration maneuver: This isn’t how it’s supposed to work

Not Obama's