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It is not a drug treatment center, but a christian evangelical center that treats addicts.

1: I would like to know how they define a 75% success rate. Is that just program completion? Success is usually defined as sobriety 1 or more years after treatment. How many people simply leave the program?

Related to this is it is well known that treatment success is related to time in treatment. Other programs, limited by funding and insurance, at best give around 30 days max, if...

Posted on 03/17/13 at 09:12 pm in response to Neocons and the Iraq War: Their view then and now 10 years later

It was never about "democracy", and never is. One needs a simple thought experiment: Would Iraq have been invaded if their major product was pickles or ice instead of 112 billion barrels of light crude? Or, like all the other successful democratic experiments we have supported, such as Haiti, El Salvador, Operation Condor, Nicaragua, our assistance to Rios-Montt, or the original 9/11 in Chile, I assume they were all done in the "spirit of democracy". Perhaps our democratic support of Pol Pot...

My daughter was expelled from Anoka after becoming angry with the bullying her gay friend received. My daughter, a 5 foot tall 100 pound and timid danger to society was expelled with no investigation, much less a single question. She told me the harassment was daily, had gone on for the entire year and had become physical. At the hearing, I explained this to the board, that regardless our case, they had a problem they needed to deal with. As I sat in front of "the committee" which consisted...