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Pete Barrett

Saint Paul, MN
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Is running rampant in this country. Job growth is anemic. We've had a wage freeze for years now. And BOTH parties are talking about how much to cut from SNAP?

Tell me again about those darn liberal Democrats and their free spending ways.

Can we cut even one of our 15 aircraft carrier groups? That savings would dwarf the savings in the SNAP cuts.

Hey, I didn't know I'm a Left Wing Power Broker. But thanks, I'll take that as a compliment. I had thought I was just a US citizen that voted for Mark Ritchie.

As for "coulds" in relation to the Voter Suppression Amendment, the legislators could have exempted seniors in nursing homes, as even the State of Mississippi did. Or they could have exempted overseas military and their families as other states have. But they didn't.

How does an Army Ranger in Afghanistan or a Marine on...

Posted on 08/31/12 at 08:00 pm in response to HealthPartners and Park Nicollet to merge

Some guy is going to use the license plate data to track down and seriously or even fatally attack an ex-wife or girlfriend. Then there will be a lawsuit and politicians will be falling all over themselves to correct this. Or we could address this now, before the tragedy.

Posted on 08/30/12 at 05:00 pm in response to Minnesota job openings up 15%

Comparisons should also be made profession by profession, not average public sector worker vs. average private sector worker. Public sector workers are more likely to have bachelors degrees.

I can tell you that if went to work for the State I'd be taking a significant pay cut. And while it is difficult to compare fringes, I have every reason to think I'd be taking cut there too, pension and health care included.

Employers pay fringe benefits to people who work for them. They work, in return they get pay, some in the form of cash and some in the form of benefits. The fringes are cheaper for the employer, they don't have to pay their share of FICA or unemployment tax. If the entire wage and benefit package were converted to all wages, it would add costs for the employer. It's a zero sum game, the more you want in fringes, the less you get on the check.

Employees do not get health care for free...

Posted on 08/30/12 at 05:25 pm in response to T-Paw rips Obama as 'the tattoo president'

But, he can't see Russia from his house.

Posted on 08/29/12 at 04:46 pm in response to Will Paul Ryan turn Minnesota red?

Does Romney even have a campaign office in Minnesota?

So this is what the conservatives have been yapping about for so long. Why do these judges have to ignore established law that says this is the SOS's jurisdiction? Enough legislating from the bench.

Posted on 08/23/12 at 05:23 pm in response to New book probes the unraveling of the American dream

What are voters to do if politicians in both parties largely have the same answers, varying only slightly by degree? There is no daylight between the two parties when it comes to free trade agreements and there hasn't been for twenty years. The supposedly socialist Obama who I'm told wants to trash the free enterprise system is negotiating an FTA by including corporate lobbyists but no one in Congress is privy to the deal. Some socialist.

Republicans try to strangle whats left of...

Posted on 08/22/12 at 03:19 pm in response to Dayton shines as fundraising star for legislative candidates

Except for Ziggy's welfare check. That wasn't right. It was wrong, and at minimum it could have cost us a lot less than it will.