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Posted on 08/10/11 at 07:35 am in response to Four senators survive recall, barely keeping GOP control

Dennis #1,

The 6 GOP senators and 3 Democrat Senators were picked, not because they were easy targets, but because they were eligible for recall. Wisconsin law only allows recall elections against sitting legislators who have served more than 1 year in office. All of the freshmen Senators are not eligible for recall until they have completed 1 year in office. This is why the Democrats could not do a recall against Governor Walker.

Posted on 07/13/11 at 07:49 am in response to GOP leader Koch says, 'Stay tuned' for budget ideas


We do have recall elections, but it is much harder to do in Minnesota than Wisconsin. The MN Supreme Court first needs to determine if the legislator in question is guilty of malfeasance (using their elected position for personal gain), or nonfeasance (failing to perform their constitutional duty). If the Supreme Court finds that is true, then there can be a recall petition stating what they did wrong, and if 25% of the voters in the last election sign the petition, there...

Posted on 05/24/11 at 11:44 am in response to Wording matters on ballot questions like the marriage amendment


You are correct. Casting a ballot but not voting for a Constitutional amendment counts as a "No" vote. In order to amend the state Constitution, a majority of those voting in the election need to vote yes, not a majority of those voting on the ballot question.

I think with other proposed amendments, like their photo ID disenfranchisement amendment, the campaign is going to be a straight "Vote No" to all amendments. It's a much easier sell for multiple amendments.

Posted on 05/05/11 at 09:09 am in response to Is Minnesota ready for government by constitutional amendment?

"There go my people. I must find out where they are going so I can lead them." - Alexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin, French politician (1807-1874)

This is not how a Republic is supposed to work. There are no leaders in St. Paul, only parties.

Sen. Geoff Michel told me when I met with him this year that just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. He then went on to ignore himself and voted lock-step with his party on the voter disenfranchisement...

Posted on 05/04/11 at 08:49 pm in response to Wow: GOP leader says he 'hates' Gaiman; author responds

Yes, Rosalind, he is that good. He wrote Sandman, Stardust, and Coraline to name a few, and has lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin for most of the past two decades. If you do more research than Rep. Dean did, you'd also find that Gaiman gave the money to charity, and because it was money from the Legacy Amendment, Stillwater had to spend the money or lose it and was not allowed to use it on purchasing books or computers. The charity Gaiman gave the money to used it to buy books and library...

Posted on 05/05/11 at 09:22 am in response to Wow: GOP leader says he 'hates' Gaiman; author responds

@Will Lynoff - I agree with you about meeting Rep. Dean in person. I saw him subbing for Zellers at the Ask Minnpost event Doug Grow hosted a few months back. Dean, an architect by trade, tried to argue economics theory with an Economics professor with a PhD. He also had nothing to say to Sen. George Pillsbury, who introduced himself as an exiled Republican, when he told him that their all cuts budget plan wasn't going to work and why. All Dean could say is "We want you back." He had no...

Posted on 04/24/11 at 09:19 pm in response to Are you ready for 'fracking' in southeastern Minnesota?

Can anyone name the part of the US or Minnesota Constitutions that guarantees the right to purchase goods and services on credit or to travel by airplane? Now, who can name the amendments to the US and Minnesota Constitution that protect our rights to vote?
There are no parts that guarantee you the right purchase items on credit or travel by airplane. The US Constitution has the 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th and 26th amendments protecting our rights to vote. The Minnesota Constitution has...

Posted on 04/19/11 at 03:47 pm in response to No driver's license for dropouts?

How does Rep. Ernie Leidiger reconcile his belief that additional spending is irresponsible with the millions of dollars of additional spending required for the voter ID bill he co-authored (HF89)? I guess that would have to be irresponsible spending, so maybe he should take his own advice and cut it.


They've already introduced two bills to reduce the number of legislators this session, HF0013 and HF0029. HF0013 reduces the number of senators to 64, and then down to 63 if we gain or lose a seat in Congress, and the house down to 128, and then down to 126. HF0029 drops them to 56 and 112. They have to do it now before the redistricting happens. I doubt the reduction will happen, given that all the freshmen legislators I saw knew nothing about redistrictiing when asked.