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Posted on 11/14/14 at 09:55 am in response to Robot cars will change your life — maybe

My legal concern is the law of unintended consequences. It's application in this area will be very interesting indeed. It's greatest benefits and worst costs are probably beyond our imagination right now.

Posted on 11/12/14 at 12:48 pm in response to After #pointergate, where do we go from here?

Which gang is it associated with?

State-wide, how did the total vote breakdown D vs. R?

In 2010, the DFL senators collected 20,000 more votes than the GOP. But the GOP took the senate majority.

Posted on 11/10/14 at 04:56 pm in response to Steep drop in teen smoking; more of them trying e-cigs

So those Metro-hating out staters sent a boat load of Republicans to the state capitol so they could get some government subsidies for housing? I'm shocked to find gambling going on in this establishment.

Maybe employers need to start paying a decent wage and we wouldn't need this business socialism. We shouldn't be interfering in the free market like this.

Posted on 11/07/14 at 07:03 pm in response to Is there hope for cutting through gridlock? John Brandl shows us a way

This reminds of the old joke about how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light blub: One. but the light bulb has to want to change.

One side was rewarded Tuesday for it's role in grid lock. Why would they want to change?

Posted on 11/10/14 at 09:56 am in response to Is there hope for cutting through gridlock? John Brandl shows us a way

"We're not going to be debating all of these gosh darn proposals, like raising the minimum wage."

-Sen. Mitch McConnell, addressing his base, er, the Koch Brothers recent pre-election summit, on his priorities should he become majority leader.

"If the United States had a parliamentary system, last night’s results would have put the Republicans into position to enact their ideas of what’s best."

Really? By your recent article on parliamentary systems, if we had such an election yesterday, the entire House, Senate, and White House would have been up for grabs, and turnout would have been higher. Instead of just Senate races in mostly red states, all would have been open. We all know what happens when everyone shows up to the...

To consider retiring:

At a certain point, you're only working for a few bucks an hour. The numbers vary for everyone, but if you're annual wage is $85K, and your pensions, etc, would be worth $65K, you're only working for $10/hour.

Of course other factors come into play, but its not so easy to head out before sunrise on a January morning when you're pocketing minimum wage pay. Having a second cup of coffee, then leaving later for a few hours of volunteer work may be more...

Posted on 10/26/14 at 08:40 pm in response to Is big business sitting out the governor's race?

That Colorado interferes in the "magic of the free marketplace" better than other states? That we need to socialize losses better than other states?

I thought we wanted smaller government, and that it should "get out of the way"? So we should just open the public treasury to let business feed at the trough and then get out of the way?

How about if all states just end the biggest welfare program of all, Aid For Dependent Corporations. SNAP is dirt cheap by comparison.

Posted on 10/23/14 at 06:17 am in response to Why the DFL will lose the Minnesota House

Mr. Yankovic, don't you just hate the way GOP power is "unchecked" in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan? I'll bet that drives you nuts too.

Badger state voters should elect Mary Burke to check the power of the GOP legislature! Right Mr. Yankovic?