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Frank Phelan

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Conservatives never talk about morality when it comes to the behavior of corporate persons? (At least the corporate persons who haven't renounced US citizenship in favor of Ireland or some other tax dodge.)

As if passing legislation and constitutional amendments to erect barriers to minorities voting is moral.

Posted on 07/25/14 at 05:11 pm in response to Mills taps Scott Walker's former campaign chief in race against Nolan

I guess this means Mills won't be able to run as an "outsider" now.

He'll have to rely on is credentials as as job creator.

Posted on 07/23/14 at 04:03 pm in response to Gubernatorial candidate Zellers signs 'no new taxes' pledge

Who said the GOP is devoid of new ideas?

It's just possible that the anger of the 99% is due to the fact that despite increasing employee productivity, all of the gains are going to the top. A rigged system, where heads I win tails you lose, is the source of the anger.

Is our societal bias toward staying in our homes as long as possible the best idea? Seniors are far more susceptible to depression when they are isolated. If someone can no longer drive and does not get out very easily, they may well be healthier in a setting with other people. Also, this allows more sets of eyes to catch someone whose condition is declining as well as making it easier for them to eat well.

Keep your eye on the shell with the pea under it. There is a slight of hand at work here. We have spent hundreds of billions destroying infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we don't have resources for our own roads. These issues are more closely related than any politician will admit to us.

We have plundered a huge share of our nation's treasure. The cost of a train pales in comparison to what we've spent in the name of "defense".

Posted on 05/30/14 at 05:34 pm in response to Governor Dayton to take public funds for 2014 campaign

Where is the Bills For Senate bus? Slap on a fresh coat of paint and hit the road!

Posted on 05/20/14 at 09:48 am in response to It's Super Bowl pitch day in Atlanta, but will it be Big Easy?

The government interfering with the magic of the marketplace?

Wait till the Koch brothers, Americans For Prosperity, and Freedom Works find out about this!

All good free marketeers know that government can't pick winners and losers. More of our precious liberty has been lost.

Posted on 05/14/14 at 04:02 pm in response to DFL-GOP bonding bill blowup a day before vote

I had thought that the good conservative voters of southwestern Minnesota would take of the issue of drinking water at the local level, without the interference of the legislature in Saint Paul.

But when the rubber meets the road (and it's expensive rubber), all of a sudden big government isn't so evil after all. The Tea Party should be all over this one.

Posted on 05/10/14 at 09:34 am in response to Job creators vs. speculators vs. money managers

Taxing labor at a higher rate than capital gains sends an odd message. Invest in your self (say through a college education) and we tax that at a higher rate than someone just manipulates others' wealth.

Do we really think that hard work is the way to get ahead? That's not the message we're sending.