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Phil Dech

Red Wing, MN
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Posted on 02/25/14 at 05:46 pm in response to Rep. Kurt Zellers goes 'all in' on governor's race

as unpleasant as this winter has been in some ways, it has not been setting many records.

Posted on 04/01/13 at 08:38 am in response to Ely bans social media*

that Ely has at least 140 characters, and I mean that in the best way...

Posted on 03/19/13 at 08:55 am in response to Zippers are leading cause of penile injuries, ER data shows

how many of the injured were "commando?"

Posted on 03/19/13 at 07:28 am in response to Norm Coleman’s advice to GOP: Be more than anti-government

are not journalism, they are Republican infomercials.

would not have prevented this...

Posted on 03/07/13 at 12:29 pm in response to Never had cholera? Thank the Minnesota State Board of Health

recently renamed the street in front of the hospital in Dr. Hewitt's honor.

Posted on 03/04/13 at 03:11 pm in response to For safety’s sake, light up those bikes

but I would say they are both right, and both wrong. Technically the cyclist had right of way, the left-turning car should have waited, but if the bike had no lights the cyclist should have assumed she was not or poorly visible, and yielded.

Posted on 02/25/13 at 01:09 pm in response to Permit holders had 5 'justifiable' uses of guns ... in 9 years

flashed a bag of Skittles at him.

Posted on 02/19/13 at 03:32 pm in response to MN GOP, stifled by new rules, offers 159 amendments

the reasoning behind Republican objection to the 24 hour rule? I know they have been against it but I am not sure why.